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SINGLE REVIEW: 'For Lovers' - Sid Stone

One of the UK’s most exciting new artists and multi-instrumentalists, Sid Stone, has released his romantically jazz-infused new track, ‘For Lovers’. The track follows the release of the irresistibly catchy ‘Hold On’, as well as his incredible debut mixtape, ‘Inside/Outside’, which was released on Hotspring Music last year. Listen to 'For Lovers' below. 

“Oh I need a lover,” Sid sings in the opening bars of ‘For Lovers’. Electric guitar and tantalizingly smooth backing vocals also feature on the track.

“This song is a bit of a homage to all the great love songs that have inspired me so much over the years. Otis, Stevie, Bill Withers, all the soul legends,” Sid said of the track. “Right now feels like a good time to embrace the love vibration within us all and move into a higher plane of vibrational existence.”

 Listen to ‘Inside/Outside’ EP HERE

Somerset's Sid Stone is a seasoned songwriter and a true artist of his craft. He has those perfect gravelly tones to his voice. With influences from soul, jazz, pop and rap to dance music, his raw vocals brings a remarkably diverse, but accessible sound. 

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