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EP Review: 'Die 4 Ur Luv' - Tei Shi

Colombian-Canadian artist Tei Shi released her uplifting electro-pop EP 'Die 4 Ur Luv' in July. It was written over 6 days in January - while she was on a writing trip. The EP was very nearly titled 'Apocalypse' and provides the perfect soundtrack to "these strange times". 

I have to be honest - opening track 'Johnny' isn't my favourite but the title track 'Die 4 Ur Luv' is a highlight. Tei Shi sings about heartbreak in an open and honest way ("I've been looking for the cure for pain"). The retro, synth-pop chorus is catchy too. 'Die 4 Ur Luv' was the first single Tei Shi released independently. Tracks like 'OK crazy' and 'Disappear' are edgy and, again, very honest. In 'Disappear', she describes herself as having fallen down a "downward spiral". In 'Goodbye', she is is letting go of what is no longer serving her.

'Die 4 Ur Luv' is a unique EP in the sense that it can't really be categorised into any particular genre. Meanwhile, songs like 'Disappear' examine very strong emotions but are delivered in a way that makes for a light, enjoyable listen.

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