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SINGLE Review: 'Sola' (Remix) - Nina Cobham ft. Bipolar Sunshine

Nina Cobham is a rising Future Soul & RnB artist from Manchester. She has collaborated with Bipolar Sunshine on the remix of her track 'Sola', which was premiered by Jamz Supernova on her BBC 1Xtra radio show. 

'Sola' really is a gorgeous track, with twinkling pianos and soothing vocals ("I just want the same things as you"). Nina sings in both Spanish and English. 

The song has a really laid back vibe and is one you won't get enough off! Bipolar Sunshine's part on this track fits in so perfectly and their vocals really complement each other.

The original release of 'Sola' has had more than 3 million streams on Spotify alone - amazing, especially for an independent artist! 

Speaking on the release, Nina recalls "I posted a snippet of Sola on instagram like a month before it came out and he [bipolar sunshine] was actually one of the people I sent the track to listen to early. I've listened to his music for years, we met last year and he mentioned to keep him updated with my music. It was only about 3 days after it was released everywhere that he'd messaged asking to jump on a remix, which in itself felt like an honour. He sent back the part he’d come up with pretty fast and literally nothing needed changing, it felt like it fit perfectly."
Bipolar Sunshine adds "When i first heard the record I was blown away. It's rare these days that you hear something that makes you stop what ya doing. I'm a fan of Nina, vocally, melodically - it feels effortless, that's the type of artists I admire. For me, I was happy that they allowed me to jump on the record. Kinda wrote my parts quick, as I just wanted to hear the synergy between our voices to see if they would match like I had envisioned. Now listening back I feel we made something special. No doubt we will work on something else in the future."

EXCLUSIVE Interview: T Truman

T Truman is the moniker used by Timothy Lanham, The Vaccines' keyboardist. It's an exciting new solo project and he has released the lead single ('Rock 'n' Roll') from his upcoming EP, 'Born To Be Right'. I spoke to him to find out more. 

Photo credit: Dane Falkstrom

How are you?

Good thank you.

How are things in Australia?

Really good considering, I’m fortunate enough to be in QLD (Queensland) which is sunny and safe.

What is your current single 'Rock 'n' Roll' about?

It's an ode to a bygone era, sung from the point of view of a failing musician who feels he belongs in the wrong time.

What was the inspiration behind 'Rock 'n' Roll’?

I think most ‘indie’ or ‘rock' musicians at some point wish they got a shot at their career in glory days, this was me playing lightly on that.

How does it feel to have a solo project? Is it something you've wanted to do for a while?

It feels great to do, its a liberating channel for me to make exactly what I want and say what I want.

How do you find the time to work on your solo project when you also work with The Vaccines and Halloweens?

I have more time than I’ve ever had at the moment so its easy, you will need to ask again if the industry ever gets back to normal

Who are your musical influences?

Todd Rundgren, Elton John and John Lennon are probably obvious, listen to a lot of David byrne, Brian eno and John Cale of late too. Cass McCombs’ album 'Mangy Love' is my current binge.

How does it feel to be releasing your debut EP?

It's that ‘about time’ feeling, glad to be getting it out and focus on new material.

What can we expect from the EP?

Lyrical nonsense and piano shreddery 

I have to ask - what's next for The Vaccines? 

We have an album we are really excited about in the barrel.

And what's next for T Truman?

More for sure, but we’ll have to wait and see

EP Review: 'Die 4 Ur Luv' - Tei Shi

Colombian-Canadian artist Tei Shi released her uplifting electro-pop EP 'Die 4 Ur Luv' in July. It was written over 6 days in January - while she was on a writing trip. The EP was very nearly titled 'Apocalypse' and provides the perfect soundtrack to "these strange times". 

I have to be honest - opening track 'Johnny' isn't my favourite but the title track 'Die 4 Ur Luv' is a highlight. Tei Shi sings about heartbreak in an open and honest way ("I've been looking for the cure for pain"). The retro, synth-pop chorus is catchy too. 'Die 4 Ur Luv' was the first single Tei Shi released independently. Tracks like 'OK crazy' and 'Disappear' are edgy and, again, very honest. In 'Disappear', she describes herself as having fallen down a "downward spiral". In 'Goodbye', she is is letting go of what is no longer serving her.

'Die 4 Ur Luv' is a unique EP in the sense that it can't really be categorised into any particular genre. Meanwhile, songs like 'Disappear' examine very strong emotions but are delivered in a way that makes for a light, enjoyable listen.