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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Pace

Pace have released a captivating new song 'Strange Secrets' and I spoke to them to learn more about them.

How are you?
We are all good thank you! We didn't see each other for what seemed like forever but kept in touch via Zoom and sent each other song ideas during lockdown. As restrictions have eased we’ve managed to meet up in the park and socially distance. We even had a jam the other day in Tillie’s garden! Life without gigs is pretty tough, we’re getting our live music fix by streaming performances. It’s weird when you think about how much has changed this year. 
What is your new single 'Strange Secrets' about?
Strange Secrets is about finding out that someone you trust has been lying to you . Life can unravel when you realise and emotions will inevitably run high. But it’s also about the empowerment you gain from knowing the truth and being strong enough to love yourself and not put up with any shit.  


What was it like co-writing with Justin Young (The Vaccines)? How did that come about?
Jamie and Justin are old friends and they managed to fit in a writing session in London between touring schedules last year. It was a very focused and creative day, we chatted about personal subjects, and after talking it out the idea for the tune, the melody and lyrics flowed naturally.
Who are your musical influences?
It’s a very corny thing to say but we’re all inspired by each other. We’re always up for trying 
something different in rehearsals and having fun with our music. We love working together which makes us want to push harder, play longer and experiment more. We all have eclectic taste in music which influences our sound in different ways. There are no egos when we agree something doesn’t work, it’s a very creative environment to work in.


Which artists are you listening to at the moment?

Jamie – Thompson Twins
Tillie – Jordan Rakei 
Danilo - Béla Fleck and the Flecktones
Michael – Jamiroquai


What's next for you?
We are planning for our next single release in August, then we aim to get back in the studio to record our debut EP. We also have a couple of Live Stream gigs over the next few weeks which should be fun!

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Saint Clair

Saint Clair, aka Emma Topolski, has shared the stunning new single 'goddess' which is the first track to be taken from her upcoming EP 'in the violet hour'. 'goddess' is poignant and brilliant. 

I caught up with Saint Clair to discuss her new music. You can also read my previous interview with her here.

Saint Clair - goddess (chapter I) - YouTube

How are you?

I’m keeping well thank you considering these exceptional times. Just trying to stay creative and take each day as it comes.

Are you excited to be releasing new music?

My sister and I have been working on a 4-track visual EP over the past year so we’re really looking forward to finally sharing it with the world.

What is your new single ‘goddess' about?

goddess is the first chapter in a 4-part visual EP called in the violet hour which journeys through the different stages of grief following the loss of our Dad. 

Can you tell me about the music video for ‘goddess'?

In goddess we meet our character in her grief for the first time. I won’t reveal too much but I will say there’s a metamorphosis and a very, very, very large cake!

Who are your musical influences?

The Beatles, Nirvana, Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, James Blake, Outkast, Jeff Buckley

What can you tell me about your new EP, 'In The Violet Hour'? When can we hear it?

in the violet hour is a 4-track EP accompanied by 4 very distinct visuals directed by my sister Tamsin. The videos journey through different stages of the grieving process following the loss of our Dad and although each video can be watched as stand-alone pieces (which I will be releasing online every month), they also flow together to make a short film which will be out on November 6th. We’re planning to host a screening for that but will wait and see what the guidelines are by then! 

What's next for you?

My focus at the moment is on sharing all the videos for in the violet hour and hopefully hosting a screening and organising an immersive live show in November. I’ve been locked down with my sister so we’ve shot some special live videos to accompany the release too. Otherwise, I joined Bombay Bicycle Club at the beginning of the year and was supposed to be touring extensively with them so hopefully those gigs will be rescheduled slowly but surely! I also play bass with CHILDCARE and will be recording album 2.

NEWS: Tom Meighan Leaves Kasabian

Kasabian have announced today that Tom Meighan is stepping down from the band by mutual consent.Tom has struggled with personal issues that have affected his behaviour for quite some time and now wants to concentrate all his energies on getting his life back on track.