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SINGLE Review: 'Pretend'-Quails

Australian singer-songwriter and producer Quails has released new single 'Pretend' which is taken from her latest EP 'Remedy'. It is an electronic number featuring her incredible haunting vocals. "I was lonely in my reflection," she sings at the start of the track. 

It's a great track and stands out against recent releases with its dark pop/R'n'B sound.
[Photography Credit: Nick Pes]

Speaking on the release, Quails recalls "Pretend is one of the first songs I wrote more centred on mental health, and for me more intimately living with anxiety. Mental health is a topic we seem to hear a lot about more now, and that's such a great progression, but there is such a greyness, especially with anxiety - that experience is so personalised, and there are a myriad of ‘symptoms’ which manifest in different ways. I wanted to write from my own interior at a time I was trying to come to terms with being an anxious person, probably in some form for the rest of my life, and accepting the components of it as part of me. The good and the bad.”

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