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SINGLE Review: 'Monday'-Crystal Tides

'Monday' is the confident new track from Crystal Tides. It's a feel good indie-pop track with a soaring chorus and catchy hooks. It's energetic and loads of fun. "Work on Monday's always in the back of my mind," frontman Billy Gregory sings. 

There's nothing not to like about this track! The band have a playful nature, as you can see on their video.

When discussing the new track, frontman Billy Gregory said “‘Monday’ is about the turning point in life where the band is starting to realise we are not as young as we used to be. We can't keep going out like we used to but there’s an internal battle you have of 'Am I told old for this?' or 'You only live once, why not?!'. Ultimately it’s about pushing aside the responsibilities of real life and having fun". 

Crystal Tides have supported The Snuts, Larkins and The Sherlocks recently.

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