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SINGLE Review: 'How We Care'-Ben Hobbs

Based in South London, Ben fuses bedroom pop with 70s and 80s nostalgia. 'How We Care' is the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist's return to the music scene. With his sound, Ben is doing something no one else is at the moment. His vocals are effortlessly passionate and the track is perfect for summer days. 

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'How We Care' begins with a spine-tingling sincerity. It's soulful electronic pop and a slight sonic departure from his previous work. 

Discussing the creative process behind the track, Ben tells us: "I’d been listening quite a lot to RY X and John Mayer at that time and I really wanted a song that was soulful with a contemporary spin, and a guitar solo. I was introduced to a songwriter called Paul Usher and we were sat working on this idea that had a moody guitar riff and verse. Paul suggested taking it somewhere really different for the chorus. We’d been talking loads about Marvin Gaye and Leon Ware songs and we really just combined and blended these ideas into what you hear today."

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