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SINGLE Review: 'Better Alone'-Sid Stone

Somerset born Sid Stone is one of the UK's most exciting artists and multi-instrumentalists. Sid’s moving debut single ‘Better Alone’ is the lead track from his ‘Inside/Outside’ mixtape, out now on Hotspring Music. The track is piano-driven and jazz influenced, with pop vibes. It was inspired by a late night walk. 

'Better Alone' has laid back vibes which suit the lockdown but would also be great for a party too (post-lockdown, of course). The jazz influences really make 'Better Alone' stand out from the crowd and his vocals are soulful. Personally, I'm really enjoying this track. 

The music video for the song was shot at Sid's local pub-The White Horse in Shepherd's Bush. It captures life before and during lockdown. It gives us an insight into Sid's world. 

 “It’s all about making peace with being alone, but also it came out of situations built on friendship and love.” Sid said of the track. “So who knows: the truth is sometimes hidden between two opposites!”  

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