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EP Review: 'Oh The Agony, Oh The Ecstasy'-Charlotte OC

Charlotte OC, born Charlotte Mary O'Connor, has shared her EP 'Oh The Agony, Oh The Ecstasy'. It follows her debut album 'Careless People' which was released 3 years ago. I reviewed her recent single 'Falling For You' here. Her music is soulful and mature. She addresses issues such as jealousy and falling in love.

Charlotte has a truly unique voice and has recently found a fan in Queen's Adam Lambert, after he heard her sing on an Instagram Live session. The Blackburn artist is a star in the making, I believe. Her voice carries so much emotion.

'Oh The Agony, Oh the Ecstasy' is a 5-track EP featuring upbeat songs which give me Fleetwood Mac vibes. Opening track 'This Pain' is angsty and is quite dark before the chorus takes a totally different approach and becomes quite upbeat. It's definitely a heartfelt and passionate number as Charlotte sings about finding out her ex has moved on ("This pain is all I'll ever know").

'Freedom' is the next track on the EP and it really represents who Charlotte OC is as an artist. The track is hypnotic ("The darkness is calling"). 'Falling For You' is an infectious track. Her vocals soar on 'Falling For You' as they do on the other tracks of the EP. When she sings, she makes you feel the extreme highs and lows that she is going through. Final track 'Strangers In The Dark' is an emotional, soulful song. 

Overall, 'Oh The Agony, Oh The Ecstasy' is an excellent offering from a rising independent artist. Charlotte OC's voice is addictive and this EP has become a firm favourite. She covers many topics with this EP and has evidently poured her heart into it. 

Speaking on the EP as a whole, the Blackburn artist reflects "A lot of change all at once can really mess with your head. It forces you to think quickly, put a brave face on and start again. This EP goes through my life over the past 2 years and leads up to the present day. From feeling frustration, loss, jealousy and hurt to euphoric love and a long awaited feeling of being content and understood not 
only by others but by myself as well."


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