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EP REVIEW: 'It's Raining on the Wrong Side of the Window'-Glass Peaks

'It's Raining on the Wrong Side of the Window' is the debut EP from Glass Peaks. It has something for everyone. The first track 'São Paulo' is compelling and intense. It has a heavy drum beat which make you take notice, before Alfie Jefferies' passionate vocals kick in. It's a track about failed relationships. 

Meanwhile, 'London Is Concrete' is a more sombre number. It's quite a hazy cloud-pop slow burner and sounds very heartfelt. 'Never Really Left' is grunge-y and dark. It addresses the negative side of social media. The title track is also the final track of the EP. It's another slow song. It's melancholic and stays with you. I can definitely hear the Radiohead influence on these tracks.  

Throughout the EP, the Kent-based band demonstrate their versatility as they go from heavy beats and sounding ferocious to much softer, acoustic numbers. 

Talking about the EP, vocalist  Alfie Jefferies says: “I think some of our most honest songwriting can be heard within the tracks; there's an intricacy to a lot of the music that shows a musical side to us that we've never really shown before Saying that, it's still quite diverse with tracks like ‘São Paulo’ and ‘Never Really Left’; I think there's something for every Glass Peaks fan in this body of work. We've treated it almost like an album. A lot of care and attention to detail has gone into how the EP plays from the intro to the final track; we want it to be an experience that takes the listener on a journey. For us, it's more than just a few tracks bundled together, and we hope our fans see it in the same way.”

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