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EP Review: 'Flush'-CHILDCARE

It seems like a lifetime ago under lockdown but, around 2 weeks ago, CHILDCARE held a special, interactive 'CHILDCARE Day' for fans. As part of this day, which was packed full of activities and a special screening of a CHILDCARE film, the band re-released their debut EP 'Flush'.

'Flush' was only available for 24 hours and it was on a 'pay what you like' basis. These are songs that don't really get played anymore as the band have changed their sound since then and keep these tracks close to their chest. I'd heard the tracks before but it was nice to have them all in one place. I hope you managed to grab a copy. If not, there's a great acoustic version of one of the tracks ('Gotta Wait') available on Youtube, which I will link below.

The EP is from 2014 so I thought it might be fun to do a 'retrospective' review.

So...what's it like? 'Flush' is a confident release and I absolutely love it. Opening track 'Gotta Wait' focuses on a man in prison for murder, singing about how he can't wait to be free. Like the other tracks on the EP, it is such a high energy number. The chorus is infectious ("Leave your light onnn").

'Kimberley' has one of the most unique beginnings I've heard, with a child screaming into your ear phones. 'Kimberley' continues the murder-y theme of the EP as a man proclaims his innocence after being accused of killing someone. It's another high energy, infectious track. The lyrics always make me smile ("I met her at the Old Town Library/She was crying near the books on Tai Chi"). The storytelling element behind this track is great. 'Kimberley' builds into quite a punk-ish track.

The final track of the EP is 'Hanging On The Telephone' (a cover of the Blondie track). I actually prefer this version over the original. It's fun and doesn't take itself too seriously.

It's a shame that the 'Flush' EP has once again said its goodbyes but it was so cool of them to re-release it for us fans. It's a great EP, one I could (and have) listened to over and over again. I honestly can't fault it.

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