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SINGLE REVIEW: 'Fast Life'-Ayelle

Swedish-Iranian R'n'B artist Ayelle's new single 'Fast Life' sends a message to listeners about slowing down and prioritising self care. 

Speaking on the final release from the mixtape, Ayelle recalls that 'Fast Life' "is the 5th track on the mixtape that I made in New York with one of my favourite producers, Stavros. It's a call to self care and to take quarantine as an opportunity to do less, instead of overcompensating with more productivity, and explore the things that you actually enjoy doing, get comfortable in your space and with yourself. I've always been a bit of a bookworm and I like staying in most weekends reading and drinking tea instead of going out, it's my form of self care and 'Fast Life' is all about that - making time for yourself to slow down and conquer fomo."

'Fast Life' has an infectious chorus, featuring Ayelle's silky vocals. "I'll be at home writing songs/Sipping on my tea," she sings in this self care anthem. 

Ayelle's mixtape 'NOMAD' is out on 15th May. 

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