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I spoke to Ayelle recently while she was in New York. She has collaborated with Rationale on ‘Hurt The
Most’ and worked with him again (this time in the role of producer) on ‘Choice’. We talked about her
influences, working with other songwriters and producers and her new mixtape which will be out soon.

How are you?
Ayelle: Yeah, I’m good thank you. Just in quarantine, sort of, in New York.

Do you produce your own music?
Ayelle: No, I work with a lot of other producers, so I’m constantly collaborating. I do produce a bit myself but I prefer to work with others. I’m more into the songwriting aspect of it and singing, obviously.

What inspired your single ‘Effort’?
Ayelle: So that was actually one of the first songs that I wrote in Sweden. [When] I was a kid, I moved from Sweden when I was 14 and then I went back a little over a year ago for a writing trip in Stockholm and I wrote it with these other Swedish writers who are really incredible. It’s about, basically, being in a relationship where the other person is so consumed with social media that they’re unable to be present with you in the moment. It’s a plea to the other person to make the effort and notice that I’m here and spend the time that we’re together being fully present.

What was it like working with Rationale on ‘Hurts The Most’?
Ayelle: Incredible. Rationale is one of my closest friends. He’s an amazing writer and producer and every time we work together it’s so effortless and it’s just really fun. We have a good time with it. ‘Hurts The Most’ was interesting because I was in Spain and I was in a dark place and I wasn’t feeling too well and he sent me that song and it was everything that I needed and everything that I wanted to say in that moment. 

What’s next for you?
Ayelle: Next up I’ve got the release of my mixtape called ‘NOMAD’ and it’s a collection of songs that I’ve been recording over the past two years, recording and writing. It’s really personal-a lot of events that happened to me growing up, a lot of different relationships, a lot of storytelling in this mixtape. It’s about how, me as a person, I’ve never really been rooted anywhere. I grew up in Sweden and then I moved to Spain and then I moved to London. And I’m also half-Iranian. It’s like a fusion of all these influences. Musically as well, there’s a bit of the Middle Eastern as well as the Scandinavian inside of me. And the pop fused with R’n’B. I’m really excited about this project. It’s the first bigger project I’ve released and I feel like it’s more representative of who I am as a person than anything I’ve released before. I’m really excited.

‘NOMAD’ is out on 15th May.

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