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EP REVIEW: 'dawn'-mxmtoon

19 year old singer-songwriter mxmtoon has released 7 track EP 'dawn', which follows her highly successful debut 'the masquerade'. 'dawn' sees her embarking on an exciting new chapter.

"I wanted to remind people that things will be okay and even on the darkest day, the sun still rises," Maia states, speaking on the EP. "I want to lift people up. I still love making sad songs, but I wanted to make something that felt refreshing to me this time." 

Opening track 'fever dream' features acoustic guitars, breezy vocals and a feel good chorus. It's pop goodness at its best. "I want something more than, more than restless mornings," she sings. It's a dreamy number, as is 'used to you'' which is about finding solace in being alone. 'lessons' takes inspiration from her own tendency to overthink. It's about learning not to be over cautious in life and growing as a person ("It's OK to step back and look around"). 'quiet motions' is another thoughtful track with optimistic lyrics. 

'dawn' is a body of work which is uplifting and reflective. Her music is a breath of fresh air.

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