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London's FOURS are a really special band, so it makes perfect sense that their debut album 'Soak' is equally as special. Read my recent interview with them here

It's rare to find an album with non-stop bangers, let alone a debut but with 'Soak' FOURS have done just that while keeping the lyrics honest and emotive. 

Opening track 'Jay' is a big number. It's an obviously romantic, heart-on-your-sleeve type of song with lead vocalist Edith singing honestly "I'm ready for us to watch the world cave in and we'll drown together". She continues, "I talk so much shit, but you just listen". It's an excellent opener and gives a real taste of what's yet to come on the rest of this infectious pop album.

'Youth' is an energetic, eighties-inspired track which could give Tiffany's 'I Think We're Alone Now' a run for its money. However, 'Youth' definitely sounds much more contemporary. It's another big song, featuring Edith's powerful vocals and a very cool guitar solo towards the end. Speaking of Edith's vocals, they sound on point as she sings, "Don't you ever leave, ever leave, ever leave me". 

'Play Dumb' is more of a seductive yet snarling number. It's a song about control in a relationship and I feel is eye-openingly honest. Not many artists are willing to leave themselves so vulnerable in their music. Another track on the album and it's yet another catchy one. 'The Kiss' begins with background noise as if it was recorded at a party. "I wanna kiss you all night long." We've all been there, when you find yourself infatuated with your partner, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship.  

Of the 10 tracks on the album, 'Burn' is a highlight. A heartbroken Edith sings about finding out an ex-lover has moved on. "I don't want to see you with her, I just want to see you burn". Again, it's a sentiment most of us can probably relate to ("If only I could get over you").

'Out of My Depth' has a darker feel to it while 'Irrational' is a live track, and a real tear-jerker. 

FOURS can do no wrong in my opinion and 'Soak' is testament to that. It's a perfect pop record and one you should let yourself become fully immersed in. Their songs are extremely passionate with raw lyrics and upbeat sounds. It's so refreshing. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing and hearing more from FOURS. 

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