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ALBUM REVIEW: 'Morning Kiss At The Acropolis'-Halloweens

'Morning Kiss At The Acropolis' is the debut album from Halloweens, a project by The Vaccines' Timothy Lanham and Justin Young. The 11 track album is full of playful lyrics and soul-searching. 

'Rock Bottom Rock' is a catchy number while 'My Baby Looks Good With Another' embraces its pop sound to the point where it borders on the line of cheesy (like, seriously cheesy). It's all good. You get the feeling that they're not taking themselves too seriously with this new material and just having fun. I love the lyricism of 'Rock Bottom Rock' ("I moisturise before I face my demons").

'Ur Kinda Man' wasn't my kinda song at first. I'm not sure why, perhaps because it's a slower track than the others. Luckily, it grew on me. The song is very sincere. "I think about you every hour of the day, though it probably sounds like I'm lying". 

'Hannah, You're Amazing' was the first single Halloweens put out into the world and is easily my favourite. There are too many witty lyrics to quote but I'll start with, "Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, we're running out of different ways to play it. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, oh it sounds the same whichever way you say it". Some of the lyrics in this song have made me laugh out loud (in a nice way). It's pretty genius. Justin sings "Hannah" so sweetly too. I dare you not to sing along to the chorus. 

'Broken English' has a very honest vibe to it. 'Pizza Shop by Poison Beret' is a unique take on a break-up song. 'Corridors of Love' is the closing track on the album and ends on a less pop-y note when compared to the opening tracks. 

I wonder whether this is one for The Vaccines fans since Halloweens have gone in such a drastically different direction. Regardless, it's a great debut from the duo. The lyrics are cheeky and their sound is infectious. I can't say I love every single track on the album (I'm just being honest) but that could change with a few more listens. Despite this, I have to say I'm a big fan of Halloweens and the sound they have created. 

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