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SINGLE Review: 'Do Right'-Cassia

Indie trio Cassia have released their latest single 'Do Right'. The band released their debut album 'Replica' last year and have recently been on tour too. This is their first release since the release of 'Replica'. I spoke to them previously and you can read the interview here.

'Do Right' is a chilled out, laid back single with a good message. The band have kept the tropical sound that they are known for, however it seems that their sound has evolved as we enter a new era. It's quite an optimistic song despite not being quite as upbeat and joyous as their previous singles.

Cassia have Afrobeat influences, such as Vampire Weekend, and you can hear that in this single too.

‘Do Right’ was written in Cape Town, South Africa, where Rob used the landscape and culture to help shape the sound. He then met his bandmates Lou and Jacob in Berlin, where they now live, writing regularly in their new studio ‘Casa de Cassia.’

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