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LIVE Review: Love Fame Tragedy @ Heaven, London - 03/03/20

In the intimate setting of London's Heaven, Love Fame Tragedy performed to an energetic crowd. 

This one was personal for me. I'd missed Love Fame Tragedy's previous London show at The Moth Club and had major FOMO afterwards, so it was great to finally be able to see them live.

If you've been paying attention on this blog, you will have noticed me mention Love Fame Tragedy quite a bit when reviewing their latest singles. Love Fame Tragedy is, of course, Murph from The Wombats' solo project. He has released an EP 'I Don't Want To Play The Victim, But I'm Really Good At It' and has an upcoming EP about to be released, 'Five Songs To Briefly Fill The Void'. 

Photo credit: Sam H. Kay

Before the show, The Smiths' 'To Die By Your Side' was playing and it seemed fitting, as the lyrics matched Murph's melancholic ones perfectly and were no doubt an inspiration to him. 

Love Fame Tragedy played songs from the first and second EPs such as 'Brand New Brain' which was popular. 

Murph also spoke about the inspirations behind some of the songs, such as 'Please Don't Murder Me (Part 2)' and said it was written about his wife and was supposed to be a bit of a joke between them but sounds "a lot more sincere" when you hear it. 'Please Don't Murder Me (Part 2)' is one of my favourite Love Fame Tragedy tracks. 

There were a couple of new songs played too, taken from the upcoming album (out in summer). 

Photo credit: Sam H. Kay

It has to be said that Love Fame Tragedy sounded mind-blowingly good live. Of course, the EPs sound great but seeing them live was something else. Their tracks are so upbeat and make for the perfect night out.  'Pills' had everyone singing along. 'Riding A Wave' is another one that was performed and again, is an absolute banger with Murph's signature witty lyrics.

'Multiply' has been teased for release soon too. My guess is that it will be the next single for Love Fame Tragedy.

They ended the set with 'My Cheating Heart' which is super catchy. Everyone just erupted and seemed to be having such a great time. Murph has tweeted "What a load of madness" about the gig and it was! It was loud, and raucous and just loads and loads of fun! There was even some banter with audience members who were begging for Murph to do unspeakable things to them! 

Love Fame Tragedy drew some real love from the crowd and it's easy to see why when Murph wears his heart on his sleeve. His songs are so personal and introspective, which takes a lot when making music. He's a fantastic performer too, and LFT's fans were definitely there for it. 

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