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SINGLE Review: 'Mayday' -Lissy Taylor

Lissy is from North West England but draws inspiration from her teenage years spent in Kentucky, USA. 

'Mayday' combines huge guitar riffs with Lissy's haunting, emotive voice. This clearly a personal and introspective song ("Tears blur the lights and cloud my mind").

'Mayday' is understated yet powerful. Lissy has created something beautiful from a difficult time.

“When I wrote Mayday I was fighting an internal war. I felt hopelessly misunderstood
and alone.  I think there is a strength in recognising that everyone has their own struggles that aren’t always visible. Writing Mayday helped me understand my own struggles with mental health and I hope it will help other people in the same way," Lissy tells us.

Her debut EP 'Wild Flowers' is due for release later this year. 

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