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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Pace

Pace have released a captivating new song 'Strange Secrets' and I spoke to them to learn more about them.

How are you?
We are all good thank you! We didn't see each other for what seemed like forever but kept in touch via Zoom and sent each other song ideas during lockdown. As restrictions have eased we’ve managed to meet up in the park and socially distance. We even had a jam the other day in Tillie’s garden! Life without gigs is pretty tough, we’re getting our live music fix by streaming performances. It’s weird when you think about how much has changed this year. 
What is your new single 'Strange Secrets' about?
Strange Secrets is about finding out that someone you trust has been lying to you . Life can unravel when you realise and emotions will inevitably run high. But it’s also about the empowerment you gain from knowing the truth and being strong enough to love yourself and not put up with any shit.  


What was it like co-writing with Justin Young (The Vaccines)? How did that come about?
Jamie and Justin are old friends and they managed to fit in a writing session in London between touring schedules last year. It was a very focused and creative day, we chatted about personal subjects, and after talking it out the idea for the tune, the melody and lyrics flowed naturally.
Who are your musical influences?
It’s a very corny thing to say but we’re all inspired by each other. We’re always up for trying 
something different in rehearsals and having fun with our music. We love working together which makes us want to push harder, play longer and experiment more. We all have eclectic taste in music which influences our sound in different ways. There are no egos when we agree something doesn’t work, it’s a very creative environment to work in.


Which artists are you listening to at the moment?

Jamie – Thompson Twins
Tillie – Jordan Rakei 
Danilo - Béla Fleck and the Flecktones
Michael – Jamiroquai


What's next for you?
We are planning for our next single release in August, then we aim to get back in the studio to record our debut EP. We also have a couple of Live Stream gigs over the next few weeks which should be fun!

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Saint Clair

Saint Clair, aka Emma Topolski, has shared the stunning new single 'goddess' which is the first track to be taken from her upcoming EP 'in the violet hour'. 'goddess' is poignant and brilliant. 

I caught up with Saint Clair to discuss her new music. You can also read my previous interview with her here.

Saint Clair - goddess (chapter I) - YouTube

How are you?

I’m keeping well thank you considering these exceptional times. Just trying to stay creative and take each day as it comes.

Are you excited to be releasing new music?

My sister and I have been working on a 4-track visual EP over the past year so we’re really looking forward to finally sharing it with the world.

What is your new single ‘goddess' about?

goddess is the first chapter in a 4-part visual EP called in the violet hour which journeys through the different stages of grief following the loss of our Dad. 

Can you tell me about the music video for ‘goddess'?

In goddess we meet our character in her grief for the first time. I won’t reveal too much but I will say there’s a metamorphosis and a very, very, very large cake!

Who are your musical influences?

The Beatles, Nirvana, Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, James Blake, Outkast, Jeff Buckley

What can you tell me about your new EP, 'In The Violet Hour'? When can we hear it?

in the violet hour is a 4-track EP accompanied by 4 very distinct visuals directed by my sister Tamsin. The videos journey through different stages of the grieving process following the loss of our Dad and although each video can be watched as stand-alone pieces (which I will be releasing online every month), they also flow together to make a short film which will be out on November 6th. We’re planning to host a screening for that but will wait and see what the guidelines are by then! 

What's next for you?

My focus at the moment is on sharing all the videos for in the violet hour and hopefully hosting a screening and organising an immersive live show in November. I’ve been locked down with my sister so we’ve shot some special live videos to accompany the release too. Otherwise, I joined Bombay Bicycle Club at the beginning of the year and was supposed to be touring extensively with them so hopefully those gigs will be rescheduled slowly but surely! I also play bass with CHILDCARE and will be recording album 2.

NEWS: Tom Meighan Leaves Kasabian

Kasabian have announced today that Tom Meighan is stepping down from the band by mutual consent.Tom has struggled with personal issues that have affected his behaviour for quite some time and now wants to concentrate all his energies on getting his life back on track.

SINGLE Review: 'Pretend'-Quails

Australian singer-songwriter and producer Quails has released new single 'Pretend' which is taken from her latest EP 'Remedy'. It is an electronic number featuring her incredible haunting vocals. "I was lonely in my reflection," she sings at the start of the track. 

It's a great track and stands out against recent releases with its dark pop/R'n'B sound.
[Photography Credit: Nick Pes]

Speaking on the release, Quails recalls "Pretend is one of the first songs I wrote more centred on mental health, and for me more intimately living with anxiety. Mental health is a topic we seem to hear a lot about more now, and that's such a great progression, but there is such a greyness, especially with anxiety - that experience is so personalised, and there are a myriad of ‘symptoms’ which manifest in different ways. I wanted to write from my own interior at a time I was trying to come to terms with being an anxious person, probably in some form for the rest of my life, and accepting the components of it as part of me. The good and the bad.”

NEWS: The Snuts Hit The Dance Floor In Video For New Single ‘Elephants’

Top 15 Charting 'Mixtape EP' Out Now 
Announce 13 Date UK Live Drive-In Tour Including London 8th August
Second Show Added in Edinburgh Due To Phenomenal Demand

One of the UK’s fastest rising new acts, The Snuts, have released the video for their charged new single ‘Elephants’. The track, which went straight in at number 1 on the iTunes chart, is the band’s first taste of new music since the release of their chart topping debut ‘Mixtape EP’. As part of the UK Live Drive-In Series, The Snuts will also play London on 8th August, venue TBC.

Directed by award winning filmmaker Aella Jordan-Edge (Whenyoung, The Sherlocks, Grace Davies) and filmed at Maryland Studios in Stratford, the video transports the viewer back to the 1960s with a retro TV show vibe. Speaking of the track Jack said, “Elephants is another twist on our ever growing diverse catalogue. The song in whole features a change in lyrical style leaning more towards referencing.” He continues, “The main theme of this track is about believing in your own ability in times of struggle and diversity.”

Watch the video for ‘Elephants’ HERE

Recorded at The Firepit in London with Tony Hoffer (Beck, Goldfrapp, M83), ‘Elephants’ sees The Snuts hit a new gear. The raw, rousing track sees the band continue their cross pollination of genres, with front man Jack Cochrane’s candid vocals becoming a staple of the band’s sound. 

The Snuts play the following UK dates this summer as part of the Live Drive-In series. Tickets for the tour are on sale


Sat 8th                         LONDON, Venue TBC
Sun 9th                        LINCOLN, Lincolnshire Showground 
Tues 11th                     TEESSIDE, Teesside International Airport
Weds 12th                    BOLTON, University of Bolton Stadium 
Thurs 13th                   EDINBURGH, The Royal Highland Centre                        Sold Out
Sat 15th                      CHELTENHAM, Cheltenham Racecourse
Sun 16th                      BRISTOL, Filton Airfield
Tues 18th                    LIVERPOOL, Central Docks Liverpool Waters
Weds 19th                    BIRMINGHAM, Resorts World Arena, NEC
Thurs 20th                   MILTON KEYNES, The National Bowl
Sat 22nd                      LEEDS, Leeds East Airport
Sun 23rd                      NEWMARKET, Newmarket Racecourse 
Tues 25th                      EDINBURGH, The Royal Highland Centre

With a sensational rise since the release of live favourite ‘Juan Belmonte’ in 2019 and an avid adoring fan base, The Snuts have been garnering a massive following in the UK with support from the likes of BBC 6 Music, Radio 1, Radio X, Absolute Radio, NME, Independent, Clash, Notion, Far Out Magazine and Dork Magazine. The band’s debut ‘Mixtape EP’, recorded with Inflo (Karen O / Danger Mouse, Michael Kiwanuka, Little Simz) and Tony Hoffer, reached number 1 in the Scottish and Vinyl Album charts and number 14 in the UK official charts. 

The Snuts are: Jack Cochrane (vocals/guitar), Joe McGillveray (guitar), Callum ‘29’ Wilson (bass) and Jordan ‘Joko’ Mackay (drums).

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Charlie Barnes

Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and Bastille touring member, Charlie Barnes has released his new single 'Last Night's Glitter' and his upcoming album of the same name will be out July 3rd. I spoke to him about his new releases. 

How are you?

Hullo! I'm doing reasonably well thanks. Very much enjoying some time at home and trying to shut out the panic about the future of live music while I water the vegetable patch and whatnot.

Congrats on your new single. What is 'Last Night's Glitter' about?

Thank you! It feels great to have put something new out into the world after what feels like so long. For once, with me, I feel like this song is reasonably self-explanatory. I haven't hidden what I'm really talking about behind a load of what I think of as 'literary' metaphors. I feel like as I get older I'm growing more and more comfortable with dropping some of the flowery language in favour of being more direct with my thoughts. It's a growing up song, a taking stock song, an everything song. It was written shortly after releasing 'Oceanography' and doing a handful of tours in support of it, some to next to nobody, some to sold out prestigious concert halls. The 'Oceanography' album is, for the most part, about somebody in their early to mid-twenties grappling with the concept of success (and lack thereof), this song is mostly about trying to put some of those concerns to bed and focus on the things that really matter in life. After some fairly bleak moments, I think I’d managed to get to a place where I felt comfortable with where my creative career had ended up. 

What can you tell us about your new album? Are you excited to be releasing it?

I'm over the moon to be putting it out. It's taken me so infuriatingly long to get finished. It was supposed to be a quickly chucked together EP of stripped back versions of my songs, capturing the arrangements I played on a brief tour of Germany and Austria with my mates Ben (The Society Pages) and Ed (Ed the Dog), but a fairly relentless schedule with Bastille, and my hideous ineptitude when it comes to actually getting on with doing something productive, pushed it back and back and back. I think I went through about four self-imposed deadlines on this album, spanning at least a year. The original plan was for it to be an EP, but then I bought a beautiful new acoustic guitar and started playing around with loads of the material from my two previous releases and enjoyed playing so many of the songs in that stripped back way that it ended up being a full album. 

What made you decide to rework some of your previous songs and how did you decide which ones would be reworked?

Fundamentally the decision is down to two factors. Firstly, as part of a record contract you're often obliged to provide the label with bonus material outside of the main album for use as b-sides or additional songs on a deluxe edition release or whatever. Given that the 'Oceanography' album was 10 minutes longer than the minimum amount of material I have to provide for an album, I felt that some acoustic versions would suffice. Of course, originally the idea was literally me, a guitar and a couple of microphones, but it developed somewhat. 

Secondly, in spite of most of my recorded output being pretty full on in terms of arrangement, the majority of my live performances over the years have been me on my own with either an acoustic guitar or a keyboard, so part of me wanted to release something to show how a lot of the songs tend to be brought down to the bare bones for most of my audiences.

As for deciding which songs to record, that was a long process of just trying out a load of songs on acoustic guitar and seeing which ones were the most interesting in that form. It was also really nice to take some of the songs that were written on piano and translate them onto the guitar. I can't really remember when I thought of it, but I was on tour with Bastille around Europe when I spent a day working out how to play 'The Weather' on guitar backstage for a laugh, and that went immediately into the yes pile. 'The Weather' is probably the song I am the most proud of, and it always slightly irked me that to be able to play it I needed to have a piano or keyboard (I saw it as something of a glaring omission from the setlist at my show with To Kill a King at Omeara) so essentially the acoustic version started life as a practical concern!

Was it difficult to find the time to work on your solo music?

Whilst I'm sure I will regularly pretend that my usually hectic schedule of travelling for work with Bastille can be a barrier between me and getting on with being creative, that would be utter bullshit. I have loads, and loads, and loads of time to be able to make use of everything that's around me to create music on a very regular basis, the problem has always been (well, since leaving University at least) and will always be (I'm sure) my own self-consciousness and fear of any persecution or failure. It's all too easy for me to excuse myself from getting on with making music, that's why in my new studio at home I've tried to make it so that pretty much everything is always set up and ready to go, so there aren't any barriers between me and getting something done. It's certainly helped, and there are a bunch of little bits and pieces I've done for friends in there, and work I've done on this new album, that would have taken me so much longer had I not made the path to productivity so free of clutter. Getting this album done under my own steam has certainly given me a little nugget of confidence, and I'm excited to take that into the making of my next album. 

How was your guest appearance on Ralph Pelleymounter's Slow Sunday Sessions last week?

A total pleasure, in spite of my realisation that in not testing my new streaming audio setup in the context of being a guest on somebody else's stream, I had somewhat scuppered my plans for half decent audio for my first performance to people in months. Nevermind eh? It still felt like an altogether positive experience, and my wife tells me there was lots of nice stuff in the comments section. I think it's great that Ralph has been inviting people onto his weekly streams, it's such a good idea to try and keep a sense of community going through all of this. I was unbelievably nervous though. More nervous than I'd been for any show in absolutely ages!

Tell me about your upcoming Instagram Live sessions.

Well, as previous alluded to, I have done quite a lot of work in trying to ensure some half decent audio in spite of Instagram's fairly limited options where that's concerned. I'll be doing a short concert each Monday evening after the album comes out, and I'll be switching instruments for the first three weeks. Week one will be acoustic guitar, week two electric, and for week three I'll transfer to the other end of my studio and play some songs on the piano. Week four I'm yet to decide on, I guess we'll just see how things go and what people like. I'm going to try and lean towards playing things I've never played before, or played very rarely, and will be throwing in a different cover each week. I'm really excited about the first week's cover, it's one of my favourite songs from the last few years by fucking miles. 

Are there any plans for live shows?

I wish. I had a series of nights booked in at my local venue in Lichfield, The Hub at St Mary's, where I was going to be welcoming some of my best musical mates along to show off their skills, and maybe even play the odd song together. I had Ralph Pelleymounter, Jake Morley and Kyle D. Evans all booked in. The events are being rescheduled, but obviously everything has to be very flexible at the moment. As soon as I have them confirmed, I'll be making loads of noise about them of course. 

Obviously I would ordinarily be drumming up my usual list of contacts for putting together a couple of little tours to promote this album, but that can't happen right now. The first of my Instagram Live shows is going to be in support of the Save Our Venues scheme for my favourite spot in Leeds, 'Oporto'. Having played their weekly Gaslight Club so many times, and done shows of my own as well as appearing as Bruno Merz's keyboard player, I must be knocking on the Top Ten list for most appearances on that stage over the years!

What's next for you?

Well…Ben and I finished The Society Pages album just around the start of the lockdown. It's probably high time we put that out into the world. For saying it was an album written in the first 6 months of 2017, exasperatedly watching the world go to fucking bits over Brexit, Donald Trump and an ever-growing list of dying legends, it oddly seems to get more and more relevant as time goes by, rather than less. It's definitely a really fun album though, so we're super excited to get it out there. 

Then I'll crack on with my next solo album. Got loads of stuff written. It's well sad.

NEWS: Orla Gartland Releases New Single And Announces Debut VInyl

Orla Gartland Releases New Digital acoustic version of Figure It Out TODAY & Announces debut vinyl release out 24th July

Read my recent interview with Orla here.

“London-based frontwoman takes her cues from St. Vincent.” –Mystic Sons 
"The dry wit and irreverent style that saw Regina Spektor become a star." - Hot Press 
“Drawing many a comparison to the queen of angst-ridden rock Stevie Nicks.” – TMRW Magazine

 Orla Gartland returns with an acoustic version of her much loved song 'Figure It Out' and announces the release of her debut vinyl; on one side, her 2019 EP ‘Why Am I Like This?’ and on the other her 2020 EP ‘Freckle Season’, alongside ‘Don’t Fall In Love With A Musician’, a vinyl exclusive. 

Today's release, the stripped-back take on 'Figure It Out' is a reflective, beautiful reimagining of the fiery original taken from Gartland’s EP 'Freckle Season', released in February of this year and co-produced by Orla. Both versions of the song appear on the 12” vinyl, available to pre-order from today and available in stores from July 24th. The last two years have solidified Gartland as one to watch and seen the release of two acclaimed EPs; 2019’s Why Am I Like This? and the follow up 'Freckle Season', which was originally released in February this year. 

With over 40 million streams to date and over 750,000 monthly Spotify listeners, now feels like the perfect time for Orla to release her first ever 12”: "This is my first ever vinyl release and personally - I would buy it. I would buy 10. I'm proud of this thing - I think as a collection of songs it speaks to where I am as an artist right now" says Gartland. 

This is Orla's first release since 'Did It To Myself' prominently featured in BBC & Hulu's wildly successful 'Normal People', leading to a 400% jump in streams on the song almost overnight. Reflecting on the opportunity Gartland says: “It's a pretty amazing feeling to have my first sync in a series I consider to be the best television to have come out of Ireland in my lifetime. To have my song 'Did It To Myself' in the soundtrack and & 'Heavy' in the trailer was so cool to me - and the spike in love for those songs since the series aired has been so much more tangible than I expected.” 

Orla’s last headline UK and European tour saw her sell out every venue, including a triumphant final night at London’s legendary Scala. Orla has previously supported dodie, James Vincent McMorrow & Sigrid. Covid-19 led to the cancellation of Orla's next tour supporting Cavetown across Europe, so instead Gartland has spent lockdown writing her debut album and performing for her fans via YouTube (250k subscribers), making up for missed sets headlining a stage at TRNSMT and other cancelled summer festivals. 2019 EP 'Why Am I Like This?' makes up side A of the forthcoming vinyl release - aptly coined “existential pop", the 4-track release has amassed over 12 million streams with the title track becoming Orla's fastest-growing song to date. “Why Am I Like This?” discusses social anxiety, delivered in Gartland’s conversational and confessionary style that has seen her compared to iconic artists such as Stevie Nicks. 

The EP saw her universally relatable lyrics juxtaposed with a colorful alt-pop soundscape – drawing comparisons to artists such as St. Vincent, Regina Spektor and HAIM. 2020 EP 'Freckle Season' makes up side B of the vinyl, Gartland's proudest work to date. “Each track explores a different emotion I cycled through in getting over someone I thought I'd be with forever.” Every song on the EP feels real, visceral and unique - and when they come together they chart a journey of healing that so many can relate to. A perfect and striking playlist of feelings that will inevitably move you. 

This summer Orla turns her focus to writing her debut album, due for release in 2021. 

Why Am I Like This / Freckle Season 12” tracklisting:
Side 1:
1. Why Am I Like This?
2. Flatline
3. Inevitable
4. Overthinking (demo)
5. Vinyl Exclusive: Don't Fall In Love With A Musician 

Side 2. 
1. Did It To Myself
2. Figure It Out
3. Heavy
4. oh GOD
5. New Friends
6. Figure It Out (acoustic)





Tom Grennan has announced 12 ‘Live From The Drive-In’ shows to take place across the UK in August 2020.

Tom said: “This is gonna be different but there is a light, and there will be music! I’ve missed performing so much and cannot wait to sing with you all again.”

The Drive-In tour follows the release of Tom’s latest single ‘Oh Please’, currently on the BBC Radio 1 playlist, described as a “smooth gem” by Dork Magazine and “a soulful piece of introspection” by Clash. Watch the new music video, filmed under social distancing measures from Tom’s east-London home HERE.

Fans attending Tom’s Drive-In shows can also expect to hear new track ‘This Is The Place’, described as “an epic comeback” by the NME and debuted as Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record’ on BBC Radio 1. Both are set to feature on Tom’s soon to be announced second album, due for release in early 2021.

Since the Government lockdown Tom’s taken to social media sharing a much needed virtual message of hope and fun. Performing live lock down sessions for LADBible, headlining Dork Magazine’s Homeschool Festival, and taking fans inside his childhood home in Bedfordshire for a very special appearance on MTV Cribs.

Despite a spell battling Covid-19 symptoms himself, Tom is now fighting fit. Recently teaming with the likes of Zara Larson, Ray Blk and Emeli Sande for a special rendition of Clean Bandit’s ‘Symphony’ for Comic Relief, representing his beloved Manchester United in the virtual Premier League FIFA tournament, and joining Tim Burgess' Twitter Listening Party for a track-by-track look back at breakthrough UK Top Five album, ‘Lighting Matches’.

An undoubted heavyweight in the live arena, Tom has headlined sold-out shows at London’s Brixton Academy and the Royal Albert Hall, won over thousands of fans on festival stages including Reading & Leeds, Isle Of Wight Festival, TRNSMT, Neighbourhood Weekender, Latitude and a host of other events.

Tickets for Tom’s ‘Live From The Drive-In’ UK tour dates are on sale from Friday June 26th HERE.

August 2020 Tour Dates

5 - Leeds, East Airport

6 - Teesside, International Airport

8 - Bolton, University Stadium

9 - Edinburgh, Royal Highland Centre

11 - Lincoln, Lincolnshire Showground

13 - Milton Keynes, National Bowl

14 - London, TBA

15 - Bristol, Filton Airfield

18 - Newmarket, Racecourse

20 - Cheltenham, Racecourse

21 - Birmingham, Resorts World Arena

22 - Liverpool, Central Docks

(Photo credit: Mark Mattock)