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LIVE Review: Bastille @ Warwick Arts Theatre, Coventry - 29.11.19

To celebrate the release of their third album, 'Doom Days', Bastille are currently on their 'Doom Days Club Nights' tour. The tour takes place across locations like Coventry and Bradford where the band don't usually get to play. The shows are quite intimate too.

With Coventry being less than an hour away from me, I couldn't *not* go...and I'm so glad I did!

Credit: @bastilledan Twitter

There wasn't a support act, unless you count Bastille (but more on that later). To start, there was a DJ set and it was amazing. They played upbeat tracks from the 90's and were basically songs I grew up listening to, like Madonna, for example. It was so much fun.

Then it was time for Bastille to grace the stage. They began their set with 'Quarter Past Midnight' (my favourite) and played the album in its entirely. Dan was jumping around and was as energetic as ever, which is always nice to see. Charlie's vocals could be heard more than in the album, which was also great. 

The lighting and production was all well thought out so that the songs sounded slightly different, which was appreciated. For example, I think it was during 'Doom Days' that Dan's voice was autotuned. I personally didn't love that but it's great to see that they put effort into their performances. 

During '4AM', Dan went into the crowd, which was a nice moment. He was really good at interacting with the audience throughout the show.

The band then left the stage and when they returned, we saw that Chaos Planet were also back (Chaos Planet are basically Bastille's alter egos). 

They opened their set with a cover of 'Can't Fight This Feeling' but a rock-ier version than from the John Lewis Christmas ad. They then performed a new song 'Admit Defeat' (I believe for the very first time) and announced that a deluxe version of the 'Doom Days' album would be released soon (Friday, in fact). 

'Happier' raised loads of cheers but not as many as 'Pompeii' which they ended on.

It was a really enjoyable night and one of the best shows Bastille has put on. 

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