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Eliza Shaddad is BAE. There, I've said it. Her voice is stunning, her songs are gorgeous, she's amazing live...And I was lucky enough to speak to her recently about the new music she is releasing. (Can you imagine how hard it was for me not to fangirl?)

We started off by speaking about Eliza's current single; the confessional 'Girls' and the inspiration behind the track. "'Girls' was written about an old friend and we went to an all girl's school together. [It is about] a friend feeling lost and trying to help them overcome that." 

'Girls' is such a deeply emotional song and it is true that Eliza's songwriting follows this trend. "I struggle to finish a song unless it feels honest and personal," she told me. This leads to many unfinished songs and sometimes a slow process but she says, "It's the only way I can write really".

"'Girls' was the first single from [an upcoming] EP. There is new music later this week and a new album." All this talk of new releases is very exciting. In fact, 'One Last Embrace' is getting it's debut on John Kennedy's Radio X show tonight (so check it out). 

Eliza recently played a show at Pop Brixton and described it as "Brilliant, sold out, cold" and also "emotional". It's also where the music video for 'Girls' was shot. She also said, "Luckily, it was really vibe-y". 

If you'd like to see Eliza play live, you're in luck because she has announced a March 2020 UK tour, for which she is "very [excited]". One of the venues she is playing in March is London's Scala and she appreciates how it is "dear to people's hearts".

See Eliza Shaddad live at the following dates:
9 Bristol Crofters Rights
10 Birmingham The Cuban Embassy
11 Manchester The Eagle Inn
12 Glasgow The Hug & Pint
17 Brighton The Hope and Ruin
19 London The Scala

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