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CHILDCARE are one of my favourite bands (and they should be yours too).

They're one of the best live acts I've ever seen and, it just so happens, they're currently on The Sabi Tour. They've been touring Coventry, York and Liverpool (among others) and play Leicester's The Cookie tomorrow night (12/12/09).

They're also playing a massive show at London's Scala on the 17th December.

Photo: @CHILDCAREBAND (Twitter)

I caught up with frontman Ed to talk all things touring.

How are you? 
ED: All fine. Having a good time on tour.

How is The Sabi tour going?
ED: Yeah, fun.

Are you excited for the Leicester show?
ED: Yeah, absolutely. I think we all had a good time playing there before [during Handmade Festival]. We liked [The Cookie] with the low ceilings.

Which tracks should people listen to first, if they're not familiar with CHILDCARE?
ED: Sugarcane's a good one. It's very accessible and fun. It captures some of the spirit of what we're about.

What was it like supporting Bastille on tour?
ED: Fun. We only really did one date unless you mean back in [2016]?

How was it recording a session at the Maida Vale studios?
ED: Really, really enjoyed that but it was hard work too. We had to really concentrate.

Who are your musical influences?
ED: Some of our favourite bands are The Pixies and Radiohead.

What's next for you?
ED: We've got another tour, which we're going to announce soon. We're doing second album demos.

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