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Scottish band Spyres haven't been a band (in their current form) for very long but they have been doing incredibly well. If you haven't already, you need to hear them! 

I spoke to Jude from the band to find out a little bit more about them.

How are you?
Jude (Spyres): Good.

Can you tell me how you started as a band?
Jude (Spyres): It was actually just Emily and Keira [as an acoustic duo]. They got me and Alex to make it a fuller band, that was about February.

Can you tell me about your latest single 'Otherside'? [It's also their debut single.]
Jude (Spyres): 'Otherside' was actually written by Keira, about this younger generation. Quite a lot of people can relate to it. 

How does it feel to get played on Radio 1?
Jude (Spyres): It feels ureal, it's mad actually. It's mad. We're been Track of the Week on Radio X and Radio 1's Indie Show. Complete madness. [We've been supported by] different local radio stations.

Who are your musical influences?
Jude (Spyres): Wolf Alice, Courtney Barnett, Sonic Youth. Also female acts. We feel that maybe female acts aren't really [represented in the music industry]. We look up to them.

Do you have any live shows coming up?
Jude (Spyres): We' [supported] The Dunts [last Saturday] at The Garage, which sold out. We've got a Hopscotch gig on January 24, which is run by Jack Saunders. Our first headliner is on 17th Jan 2020. Tickets are already running out.  

What's next for you?
Jude (Spyres): We've got the gigs. Ne single coming out on Jan 24 called 'Fake ID' about being young, from a young band's perspective.


You may have heard achingly cool band The Roly Mo's new single 'I'll Be Happy When You Die' on Radio 1's Indie Show with Jack Saunders. It's where they first caught my eye (ear?).

I had a chat with the Joe, Jack and Lewis from the promising Glasgow band to find out more about them and their love of The Spice Girls.

How are you?
TRM: Good.

Can you tell me about how you started as a band?
TRM: We basically met each other mutually. We met at a festival (T in the Park). We got talking and that was it.

Can you tell me about your latest single ('I'll Be Happy When You Die')?
TRM: We don't really know what it's about. We wanted to grab people's attention. It's not as cold as it sounds to be honest.

How does it feel to get played on Radio 1?
TRM: Kinda surreal. We were sitting waiting for it to happen. It was more nerve-wracking than any gig [but now we're] absolutely buzzing.

Who are your musical influences?
TRM: For all of us, it's all quite different. We all bonded over The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. Also, the Glasgow scene gave us a lot of drive, like The Dunts. The Spice Girls are brilliant.

Do you have any live shows coming up?
TRM: We [played] with The Dunts at The Garage [last Saturday]. It sold out. We've got a surprise coming up in the new year. 

What's next for you?
TRM: We've got an EP coming out next year, around summer time. [And] gigging all over the place.


CHILDCARE are one of my favourite bands (and they should be yours too).

They're one of the best live acts I've ever seen and, it just so happens, they're currently on The Sabi Tour. They've been touring Coventry, York and Liverpool (among others) and play Leicester's The Cookie tomorrow night (12/12/09).

They're also playing a massive show at London's Scala on the 17th December.

Photo: @CHILDCAREBAND (Twitter)

I caught up with frontman Ed to talk all things touring.

How are you? 
ED: All fine. Having a good time on tour.

How is The Sabi tour going?
ED: Yeah, fun.

Are you excited for the Leicester show?
ED: Yeah, absolutely. I think we all had a good time playing there before [during Handmade Festival]. We liked [The Cookie] with the low ceilings.

Which tracks should people listen to first, if they're not familiar with CHILDCARE?
ED: Sugarcane's a good one. It's very accessible and fun. It captures some of the spirit of what we're about.

What was it like supporting Bastille on tour?
ED: Fun. We only really did one date unless you mean back in [2016]?

How was it recording a session at the Maida Vale studios?
ED: Really, really enjoyed that but it was hard work too. We had to really concentrate.

Who are your musical influences?
ED: Some of our favourite bands are The Pixies and Radiohead.

What's next for you?
ED: We've got another tour, which we're going to announce soon. We're doing second album demos.

LIVE Review: Razorlight @ O2 Academy Leicester - 6.12.19

Razorlight had been away for a decade but they made a triumphant return at Leicester's O2 Academy last Friday - complete with black skinny jeans and long hair. 

They had support from Indian Queens.

Razorlight started their set with 'Back To The Start' before playing nostalgic anthems like 'In The Morning', 'Golden Touch' and 'Somewhere Else'. 

They came back on stage for a 3-song encore, finishing with 'America'. 

They also played songs from their latest album 'Olympus Sleeping'.

The entire band and crowd had so much energy during the set. The crowd were jumping up and down. The band were jumping up and down. Everybody was having fun! 

Frontman Johnny's vocals were distinctive while playing familiar songs from our teens. The newer songs sounded great too. 

Around halfway through, Johnny takes his jacket off to allow him to move more freely and continue the enthusiastic performance. He wasn't very chatty during the show, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It meant he was focused on the performance. 

The entire night was fantastic and loads of fun; a great time to be a Razorlight fan. 

The band are also playing Margate, Oxford and London on this tour.


Eliza Shaddad is BAE. There, I've said it. Her voice is stunning, her songs are gorgeous, she's amazing live...And I was lucky enough to speak to her recently about the new music she is releasing. (Can you imagine how hard it was for me not to fangirl?)

We started off by speaking about Eliza's current single; the confessional 'Girls' and the inspiration behind the track. "'Girls' was written about an old friend and we went to an all girl's school together. [It is about] a friend feeling lost and trying to help them overcome that." 

'Girls' is such a deeply emotional song and it is true that Eliza's songwriting follows this trend. "I struggle to finish a song unless it feels honest and personal," she told me. This leads to many unfinished songs and sometimes a slow process but she says, "It's the only way I can write really".

"'Girls' was the first single from [an upcoming] EP. There is new music later this week and a new album." All this talk of new releases is very exciting. In fact, 'One Last Embrace' is getting it's debut on John Kennedy's Radio X show tonight (so check it out). 

Eliza recently played a show at Pop Brixton and described it as "Brilliant, sold out, cold" and also "emotional". It's also where the music video for 'Girls' was shot. She also said, "Luckily, it was really vibe-y". 

If you'd like to see Eliza play live, you're in luck because she has announced a March 2020 UK tour, for which she is "very [excited]". One of the venues she is playing in March is London's Scala and she appreciates how it is "dear to people's hearts".

See Eliza Shaddad live at the following dates:
9 Bristol Crofters Rights
10 Birmingham The Cuban Embassy
11 Manchester The Eagle Inn
12 Glasgow The Hug & Pint
17 Brighton The Hope and Ruin
19 London The Scala

LIVE Review: Bastille @ Warwick Arts Theatre, Coventry - 29.11.19

To celebrate the release of their third album, 'Doom Days', Bastille are currently on their 'Doom Days Club Nights' tour. The tour takes place across locations like Coventry and Bradford where the band don't usually get to play. The shows are quite intimate too.

With Coventry being less than an hour away from me, I couldn't *not* go...and I'm so glad I did!

Credit: @bastilledan Twitter

There wasn't a support act, unless you count Bastille (but more on that later). To start, there was a DJ set and it was amazing. They played upbeat tracks from the 90's and were basically songs I grew up listening to, like Madonna, for example. It was so much fun.

Then it was time for Bastille to grace the stage. They began their set with 'Quarter Past Midnight' (my favourite) and played the album in its entirely. Dan was jumping around and was as energetic as ever, which is always nice to see. Charlie's vocals could be heard more than in the album, which was also great. 

The lighting and production was all well thought out so that the songs sounded slightly different, which was appreciated. For example, I think it was during 'Doom Days' that Dan's voice was autotuned. I personally didn't love that but it's great to see that they put effort into their performances. 

During '4AM', Dan went into the crowd, which was a nice moment. He was really good at interacting with the audience throughout the show.

The band then left the stage and when they returned, we saw that Chaos Planet were also back (Chaos Planet are basically Bastille's alter egos). 

They opened their set with a cover of 'Can't Fight This Feeling' but a rock-ier version than from the John Lewis Christmas ad. They then performed a new song 'Admit Defeat' (I believe for the very first time) and announced that a deluxe version of the 'Doom Days' album would be released soon (Friday, in fact). 

'Happier' raised loads of cheers but not as many as 'Pompeii' which they ended on.

It was a really enjoyable night and one of the best shows Bastille has put on.