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SINGLE Review: 'Past The Evening' - Michael Baker

Brighton-based artist Michael Baker's retrospective love song to music is soothing and showcases his songwriting talent.

The Anglo-French musician presents this serene song which tells of his deep connection to his craft.
“I wrote Past The Eveningafter I'd finished producing and recording my second album 'Salt ', in one of those wonderful bolts of inspiration that seems to happen after finishing an album.Ishowed some friends and my manager the track and we decided it had to go on the record. It’s the first track I have ever written about how hard the music industry can be, and how thick skinned you have to be in it. I'm 30 years-old and always thought I would have got used to the business by now and yet here I am, and the music industry still just makes me want to hide away and 'just make music man'.”

'Past The Evening' follows 'Baby Books' and fans of artists like Ben Howard will enjoy this song.

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