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If anyone out there knows me, and knows how much Bastille means to me, you will also know just how big of a deal this next interview is for me. 

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Some say he's the coolest member of Bastille (and I have to agree-sorry, Dan, Kyle and Will), others say he's the nicest (which I also agree, of course).. 

Either way, it was such a pleasure to get to speak to him. Bastille's drummer didn't spill any secrets about what they've got in store for us next (I tried!) but we did speak about new music, fan-boying and... stingrays?! 

Q: How has it been promoting Doom Days?
Woody: At first, it's all about learning how to play new music and not messing that up.

Q: What is your favourite song from the new album?
Woody: It changes but..The Waves.

Q: What is your favourite song to perform?
Woody: Ever? 'Fake It', from our last album. It's also the hardest to play.

Q: How does Doom Days compare to your previous albums?
Woody: 'Wild World' was looking at the state of the world and relationships, whereas 'Doom Days' is about escapism. It's the most produced-sounding album...

Q: If there was an apocalypse, which other Bastille member would help you survive?
Woody: Will. He can fly a plane.

Q: How much fun was it performing with Rick Astley at the Isle of Wight festival?
Woody: Mental. Bizzare. So much fun. He's the nicest man and agreed to perform with us. We had no preparation. 

Q: Speaking of meeting musicians, did you get to meet Dave Grohl at Reading Festival?
Woody: I didn't. Probably for the best because I would have fan-boyed. Our dressing rooms were in separate areas.

Q: Are you excited to tour America?
Woody: Can't wait! It's going to be a massive tour.

Q: Finally, what's the silliest argument you've had as a band?
Woody: I think it was something to do with whether stingrays and sharks are related. We were really tired.

Bastille's album, 'Doom Days' is out now.

They will be on an intimate tour later this year, in the UK.

29 November 2019 – Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry
30 November 2019 – The Sands Centre, Carlisle
1 December 2019 – Music Hall, Aberdeen
3 December 2019 – St. George’s Hall, Bradford
4 December 2019 – Auditorium, Grimsby
5 December 2019 – Venue Cymru Theatre, Llandudno
7 December 2019 – The Foundry, Torquay
8 December 2019 – The Pyramids Centre, Portsmouth
9 December 2019 – Winter Gardens, Margate

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