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SINGLE REVIEW: Plain People O.S.T.-Knave

Bristol-based duo, Knave, have released a conscious, heartfelt track which explores many topics-from the monotony of life to global warming. "This can't be happening," they sing as they observe the apathetic nature of (some) people. 

'Plain People O.S.T' features guest singer Katie McConnell of Hypophora and her voice is meant to represent a certain fragility, to further point out how delicate the current state of the world is.

Knave (Lewis Dunn and Sam Lawson) formed in 2017 and have made their comeback with this beautifully honest offering. They are inspired by artists such as Radiohead and The Smiths, as well as Brand New and Thursday. 

They have an album scheduled for release later this year, with live shows planned for the Autumn and I can't wait to hear more from them!

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