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SINGLE Review: 'Nobody Else'-The S.L.P

Indie legend, Kasabian's Sergio Pizzorno a.k.a. The S.L.P., has released a new single, 'Nobody Else'.

The lyrics are so relatable starting with, "I don't want to got to work today".

The video sees Serge in an English field crop circle, playing a piano-which just happens to be on fire. It's a trippy video! And I'd expect nothing less from the creative genius.

The tracks then jumps into an uplifting, summer-y chorus ("can't beat the feeling").

The video also focuses on people enjoying their classic British summer days in different ways.

It's actually chucking it down with rain as I type this so it's nice to have such a cheery tune to listen to. Absolutely love this! 

Serge (The S.L.P.) will be playing London's EartH on 9th and 10th September.

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