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SINGLE REVIEW: Life Worth Living - Laurel

Laurel's voice is arresting. It will stop you in your tracks, especially in current single, 'Life Worth Living'. 

'Life Worth Living' goes from being gentle and tells the story of meeting the subject of her song ("every word that he's saying..."). A rockier vibe then kicks in and the chorus is really catchy ("take what you need darling, I'm just here for you"). She is passionate as she sings "you make life worth living".

It's not often a songwriter can express themselves so deeply and be so personal about their feelings, and Laurel does so wonderfully.

The Southampton-born, East London based artist is strong-willed and plays, produces and mixes her own music. At 24, she has almost a decade of experience already under her belt.

'Life Worth Living' is taken from Laurel's debut album, 'Dogviolet'. 

'Life Worth Living' and 'Dogviolet' are available now.

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