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SINGLE REVIEW: Don't Say Anything -White China

White China's new single 'Don't Say Anything' entices you as soon as it begins with its undeniable Strokes influence. It is a heady song, exploring the rush felt during the early stages of a new relationship ("you keep me on my toes").

As singer Gianluca Buccellati puts it himself, "She was unpredictable. Most of the time I didn't know what we were, but whatever it was, I was okay with it. I never wanted to say too much, and neither did she. I wrote this song at a time when there were still questions. At a time when answers would only make things too complex."

If, like me, you can't wait to hear more from the LA based band, you'll be pleased to know they have an upcoming EP, 'II'. 

'Don't Say Anything' is available now via Beatnik Creative.

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