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INTERVIEW: Marsicans

I recently mentioned Marsicans in my Leeds Centenary gig review. This time, I got to chat to Rob (bass player) as they were on the set of their new music video.

Can you tell me about your latest single, 'Little Things'?
Rob: It's about the little things in life that brighten your day and how, sometimes, we need those things-like finding a tenner in an old coat pocket and thinking, "life's not so bad". James brought in the first verse and we each wrote sections about things we liked. It was a nice writing process. It's the most musically adventurous thing we've released.

How was the Elland Road gig?
Rob: Really fun. It was our first ever stadium gig, which I don't think a lot of bands get to do. We were walking out like, "Oh shit, we're in a stadium!" We're big fans of The Vaccines, Gaz Coombes and The Sherlocks. Kaiser Chiefs were very accommodating and welcoming.

What was it like touring with CHILDCARE?
Rob: Wicked. CHILDCARE are really, really nice. They're, like, super sweet. We're all big fans of their music and we think their album, Wabi Sabi, is absolutely class. 

Are you recording an album?
Rob: Yeah, we will be. It's all a little bit hush hush. We'll be announcing something sometime, don't you worry!

What are your future plans?
Rob: We're having a very enjoyable time, generally having a laugh- so more of the same...Releasing an album, touring the album...Continue the cycle until we're old. That's the idea.

'Little Things' is available now.

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