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INTERVIEW: Marsicans

I recently mentioned Marsicans in my Leeds Centenary gig review. This time, I got to chat to Rob (bass player) as they were on the set of their new music video.

Can you tell me about your latest single, 'Little Things'?
Rob: It's about the little things in life that brighten your day and how, sometimes, we need those things-like finding a tenner in an old coat pocket and thinking, "life's not so bad". James brought in the first verse and we each wrote sections about things we liked. It was a nice writing process. It's the most musically adventurous thing we've released.

How was the Elland Road gig?
Rob: Really fun. It was our first ever stadium gig, which I don't think a lot of bands get to do. We were walking out like, "Oh shit, we're in a stadium!" We're big fans of The Vaccines, Gaz Coombes and The Sherlocks. Kaiser Chiefs were very accommodating and welcoming.

What was it like touring with CHILDCARE?
Rob: Wicked. CHILDCARE are really, really nice. They're, like, super sweet. We're all big fans of their music and we think their album, Wabi Sabi, is absolutely class. 

Are you recording an album?
Rob: Yeah, we will be. It's all a little bit hush hush. We'll be announcing something sometime, don't you worry!

What are your future plans?
Rob: We're having a very enjoyable time, generally having a laugh- so more of the same...Releasing an album, touring the album...Continue the cycle until we're old. That's the idea.

'Little Things' is available now.


FOURS have released a reworking of Fleetwood Mac's 'Big Love'. They've captured the song's essence, whilst bringing a modern twist to it. Edith's voice is enchanting.

It can be risky to play around with a classic but they have done this song justice...and more! In fact, they have revived it.

'Big Love' feels like a different direction for FOURS as it's a more chill than, say, 'Fade To Love' but it's a welcome change.

The band are working on their debut album and I can't wait to hear more from them.

SINGLE REVIEW: Don't Say Anything -White China

White China's new single 'Don't Say Anything' entices you as soon as it begins with its undeniable Strokes influence. It is a heady song, exploring the rush felt during the early stages of a new relationship ("you keep me on my toes").

As singer Gianluca Buccellati puts it himself, "She was unpredictable. Most of the time I didn't know what we were, but whatever it was, I was okay with it. I never wanted to say too much, and neither did she. I wrote this song at a time when there were still questions. At a time when answers would only make things too complex."

If, like me, you can't wait to hear more from the LA based band, you'll be pleased to know they have an upcoming EP, 'II'. 

'Don't Say Anything' is available now via Beatnik Creative.

INTERVIEW: Cassyette

Cassyette is a powerful, exciting new artist and I spoke to her about the meanings behind her latest songs.

What is your current single 'Jean' about?
Cassy: Jean is about a few things. It’s actually quite a complicated song haha but basically I wrote it with my best friend. The premise of it really is about being cheated on because it was something both of us had gone through. At the time she was upset about some stuff and we decided to write this song about the other girl. Jean is an anthem for people who are going through heart break. We took a lot of inspiration from Dolly Parton’s 'Jolene'.

Your fans send you Instagram clips of themselves singing along to 'Jean'. What does that feel like? 
Cassy: It's awesome! I was so surprised by how many people sent in videos! It’s been amazing to receive this much support already. I love getting messages from people. It really reminds me of why I do this.

Who are your musical inspirations?
Cassy: I have so many but, to name a few, I would say: Motley Crue, Guns n Roses, Joan Jett and the Black hearts, Pat Benatar, Allanah Miles, Haim, Bring me the horizon, Gwen Stefani...

What was it like touring with Yonaka?
Cassy: It was so much fun! We had the best time. They are good friends of mine anyway so it was great to tour and be able to spend that much time together. We had some crazy nights on that tour! One night we ended up in a casino early in the morning and Theresa won a game of black jack. 

How was it performing at The Great Escape? Did you get to see many other bands?
Cassy: We loved playing Great Escape. Loads of people turned up to watch us which was wicked.
After the show we saw a couple of bands. I loved watching Lion and The Amazons!

Which new artists are you listening to at the moment?
Cassy: Im listening to a band called Dinosaur Pile-Up, a band called Kira and Yung Blud off the top of my head.

Do you have any plans to release new music and play more live dates?
Cassy: Yes...I have a new song on the way. It will be out 5th July. Im going to put an EP out after that. Our next show, we are supporting You Me At Six! I can’t wait ..they are one of my all time favourite bands.

LIVE REVIEW: Leeds United Centenary Gig

Last Saturday,  I found myself at Elland Road stadium in Leeds. I wasn't there as an eager football fan but, rather because of my love of music...or my love of The Vaccines, to be more specific.

The Vaccines were playing a special gig at Elland Road to celebrate the football club's 100th year anniversary. Marsicans, Skinny Living, Gaz Coombes, The Sherlocks were all playing too, with Kaiser Chiefs headlining the hometown show.

I was actually really lucky because I got there when doors opened and got second row, which I was really happy with. Another reason I was lucky is because every single act on the lineup was so, so good. It was honestly one of the best shows I have been to, in that respect.

It was my first time seeing Marsicans and they were brilliant with their indie pop sound. They told the crowd how they were from "up the road" and also that they are playing Stylus (Leeds) in November. I'm hoping for more dates in the Midlands. Fingers crossed.

I should mention that, at this point, it was heavily raining but no one seemed to care.

Next up were Skinny Living. I didn't really know what to expect from them but I was pleasantly surprised. The band sounded great and Ryan's vocals were seriously impressive. Again, I have my fingers crossed that they play more shows near me soon.

Skinny Living were followed by Gaz Coombes, former frontman of Supergrass. If I'm honest, his music isn't the type that I would usually find myself listening to but I think that will change now. He was excellent.

Before we get to my faves (The Vaccines), there was a set from The Sherlocks. The fellow Yorkshire men absolutely rocked the stadium. Everyone just had a renewed sense of energy when they played. They played a few new songs as well as ones people were already familiar with, like 'Chasing Shadows'.

Ok, *now* we've got to the highlight of the show-for me...The Vaccines. Their set was an hour long, which I was very happy about, but it absolutely flew by. It was anthem after anthem from the band, with a chance to slow down during 'Wetsuit' but then more hits like 'Norgaard'. They played a new one, 'Let's Jump Off The Top' and ended with 'All In White'.

Obviously, the party didn't end there because the Kaiser Chiefs were headlining but I had to shoot off to catch my coach for a long journey home. It was a shame that I missed it but I had a great time with the acts I did get to see.

SINGLE REVIEW: Life Worth Living - Laurel

Laurel's voice is arresting. It will stop you in your tracks, especially in current single, 'Life Worth Living'. 

'Life Worth Living' goes from being gentle and tells the story of meeting the subject of her song ("every word that he's saying..."). A rockier vibe then kicks in and the chorus is really catchy ("take what you need darling, I'm just here for you"). She is passionate as she sings "you make life worth living".

It's not often a songwriter can express themselves so deeply and be so personal about their feelings, and Laurel does so wonderfully.

The Southampton-born, East London based artist is strong-willed and plays, produces and mixes her own music. At 24, she has almost a decade of experience already under her belt.

'Life Worth Living' is taken from Laurel's debut album, 'Dogviolet'. 

'Life Worth Living' and 'Dogviolet' are available now.