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INTERVIEW: whenyoung

I recently caught up with Andrew from whenyoung and we had a chat about their debut album, 'Reasons To Dream', which is out Friday!

What is your single, 'The Others', about?
Andrew: Aoife was working in West London for a gardening company on the day of the Grenfell Tower fire and she could see the smoke and ambulances and everything. 'The Others' highlights the disparity and differences between people in power and those that don't have power; the neglect in society. It sparked the idea for the song. 

What inspired the music video for 'The Others'?
Andrew: We wanted to portray the idea of the song but in an abstract way. The idea was that we had this couple in a safe home who had no worries. It was performance-led and flowers commemorate the people who died in the fire.

What does the album, 'Reasons To Dream', represent to you?
Andrew: The album is a collection of songs written over years-being Irish in London, searching for your place in the world, and our experiences. There is also a focus on mental health and anxiety. We lost a friend recently and it's about coming to terms with that. We're excited [about the album]. When you start a band it's the goal, so we are over the moon and hope that people engage with it. We're very proud of it.

You recently played The Great Escape festival in Brighton, how was that?
It was really fun, on the beach..and we got to have fish and chips on the way home.

What was it like touring with bands like The Vaccines?
The Vaccines are such lovely guys and supportive. We were fans already and to see how hard-working and talented they are was really special-especially behind the scenes, was really cool. The crowds were great and we got to visit lots of cities we hadn't been to before. It was one of the most fun tours we've done.

Which new music are you listening to at the moment?
We're always listening out for new stuff, such as Nilufer Yanya, Fontaines D.C. and The Japanese House. 

'Reasons To Dream' is out May 24.

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