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EP REVIEW: You-Kitt Philippa

I first heard them on Huw Stephens' BBC Radio 1 'Introducing' show and was impressed by their stunning vocals and stripped back sound.

Photo credit: dimly lit stages
Kitt Philippa's single 'Human' was the winner of 2018's Northern Irish Music Prize 'Single of the Year'. The multi-instrumentalist and songwriter has recently released the EP, 'You'. Hozier is a fan..and so am I!

'You', the title track on the EP, is about a type of imaginary love and yearning, summed up perfectly by the lyrics, "I can't stop loving you". It is an incredibly personal song. Meanwhile, 'Grace' is slow, gentle and full of longing too. It sounds very romantic, with a focus on true love. 

The 4-track EP features songs that are every bit as emotive as Adele's. Kitt Philippa's lyrics are heart-warming and expressive and 'You' is a must listen.

'You' (EP) is available now.

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