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INTERVIEW: Ralph Pelleymounter

Ralph Pelleymounter, front man of To Kill A King, released his latest solo single 'La De Da' last Friday. I had a chat with Ralph about his new music and future plans...
‘La De Da’ has just been released. I love the track. What has it been like hearing the fans’ reactions on social media?
Ralph: It was amazing, I wrote the track a year ago and then recorded it in the summer and since then I’ve been so excited to play it to people.
Can you tell us a little about ‘La De Da’?
Ralph: It’s a bit of an 'anti love song' love song. a romantic song about not being so romantic. 

How did you decide to become a solo artist? Was it a difficult decision?
Ralph: It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, it was scary but also I just really wanted the new challenges and to stretch myself again.

How is your solo music different from that of To Kill A King?
Ralph: I think it’s allowed me to go to slightly stranger places. There’s a lot of country, folk, and punk influences on this record. 

You have scored the film, ‘Eugene vs Humanity’. What was that like and how did the opportunity come about?
Ralph: I got approached by an American producer. It was really great to once again approach a new challenge. I can’t wait for people to see it.

You are going on tour with Keston Cobblers Club, which is very cool! What can fans expect from your performances? Are you excited?Ralph: This will be quite a stripped back tour, so it’ll be great for people to hear the new songs in intimate settings 

What can we expect, in terms of new music, from yourself? Are there plans for an album?

Ralph: Yes, album plans are underway. I think it’s going to be an interesting year, I’ve got lots of visuals to go with the tracks I’m releasing ranging from horror films to cartoons, two of my favourite things. The music I’m working on I’m seeing with much clearer visuals; I want it to be a bit like a Wes Anderson film, where you are moving from room to room, not quite sure what you’ll come across next. 

I love the new single and have been listening to it loads. Check it out below:

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