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Year In Review 2018

2018 was a really great year and I'm so grateful. These are some of my highlights: 

I first saw Childcare when they supported To Kill A King in Nottingham and I became obsessed haha! I saw them a further ten times over the course of the year and I loved every minute! One of my favourite gigs ever was the 'Playdate' an abandoned tunnel. I wrote about it here.

I also saw Bastille as part of their ReOrchestrated tour and then again at Neverworld.

Royal Albert Hall
Photo not mine
Speaking of Neverworld, it was my first ever festival experience and I absolutely loved it. I still have moments when I feel sad because I'm not in a sweltering hot field with my friends, dancing to my faves! 

Seeing The Foo Fighters after being a fan since my teenage years was really special. They were incredible and yes, I did tear up during Everlong. 

I was invited to my first ever blogger event with Kiehls as they showed us their summer essentials. I also attended the 1st birthday party of Kiehls' concession in Leicester Highcross and other events with Aveda and The Body Shop. 

Music (Blogging)
I had some incredible opportunities in terms of my music writing. I somehow managed to interview my favourite band (Childcare) three times. 

I interviewed, and met Charlie Barnes, as well as Eliza Shaddad, Saint Clair, Miles Kane and Tom Grennan! 

I reviewed loads of gigs and it was pretty cool being able to go to gigs for 'work'-even if I ran myself into the ground doing so and had to take a few duvet days *nervous laugh*.

In September, I did a work experience placement with NME magazine and I was so in awe and thankful that they had even let me into their offices haha. It was a really important experience for me because it really cemented, for me, that music journalism is what I want to do. And it was super cool!

2018 saw me enter the life of a final year Biological Sciences student. I'm still finding my way around things and the thought of starting my dissertation fills me with fear, but hopefully it will all go well and who knows, 2019 might even be the year I become a graduate! Let's hope so!

All in all, I had a pretty decent 2018. Of course, I had a few blips along the way, but who didn't? Here's hoping 2019 will be equally as good, if not better ;)

What were your highlights of 2018? I'd love to know! 

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