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Childcare Present 'Playdates'-Part 2

At risk of this blog becoming a 'Childcare' fan site (as my instagram is fast becoming), I am going to write about a little 'playdate' I had with the band at Topolski Studios in London.

Photo credit: @childcareband

Topolski Studios is actually Emma's late grandfather's (Feliks Topolski) painting studio. It was a lovely space, as I told Emma. It was a nice touch for them to invite fans to such a personal space.

Of course, Childcare being Childcare, the exact location of the venue was not disclosed. Rather, those of us who had been invited to the free intimate gig were asked to congregate outside the Ping Pong restaurant at Southbank.

I was in a mad rush trying to get to the venue for 8pm and, when I got there, I couldn't find the damn Ping Pong restaurant. No one I asked seemed to know either. Just as I was getting really stressed, who do I spot walking past but the frontman of Childcare- Ed Cares? Thankfully, he pointed me in the right direction (although I was a bit confused so he had to explain it to me three times).

Funny story- I was lost on my way to Bastille's Bush Hall gig last year and (yep, I get lost a lot!) and Charlie Barnes literally walked straight past me so I stopped him and made him tell me the right way to his own gig! 

Ok, so I finally find Ping Pong. And my friends. I am also wearing pink, as all attendees were requested to do and I am ready for Playdates 2! The first one had been so crazy and so much fun so there was a lot of anticipation around numero dos. 

After a while, two very official looking men were spotted in Southbank Centre, holding up a sign that said 'Childcare'. They stood there in silence until us fans realised they were there to collect us and lead us to the gig venue. 

Once in the art studio, we were asked to sit down while the band performed. They performed songs acoustically this time, in stark contrast to the loudness of the first playdates gig. The first song was 'Big Man' (I think). They also performed 'Bamboo', which I love. We were even treated to a special rendition of 'Kimberley' (as a reward for being "really good fans") which was very surreal. Childcare have pretty much stopped performing 'Kimberley' so I didn't expect that I'd ever hear it live. It's safe to say it made my night! 'Champagne Brain' was also on the setlist and the last song was 'Film Club', which we all stood up for.
Emma T (bass and vocals) 
They also set a 'challenge' for us, in the audience, to draw the band and the best drawing would receive a bar of fancy 'Green and Blacks' chocolate. It's safe to say I didn't win. In fact, I am so useless that I tried to turn my piece of paper into a paper fan instead, failed and then was super embarrassed when the band members came around to check our work. It ended up as a scrunched up piece of paper in my pocket, in the end.

It was nice to chat to the guys after and they thanked us for coming. I talked my usual nonsense of course, and was also able to give them some rainbow-themed gifts. 

My little Paperchase purchase for the band

There might be a Playdates 3 this month but nothing has been announced yet. If not, I will see Childcare on their 'Luckyucker' tour in October, which I am very much looking forward to! 

Have you been to any cool gigs lately?

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