FRESH Vitamin Nectar Vitamin-Boosting Mask

I was given a sample of this to try at the Glamour Beauty Festival and was very excited to try it.
Photo credit: FRESH website

The first thing I noticed about this mask is that it smelled gorgeous. It was like spreading fresh fruit all over your face, and even more so because there are bits in the mask. The citrus blend “gently exfoliates to reveal a vibrant glow”.

The way the mask works is you apply it to cleansed skin and rub it in, using circular motions. You then leave it to dry for 10 minutes (although I left it on for 20 minutes).

I really wanted to like this mask and I was very happy with the results. My skin felt smoother and appeared clearer after just one use.

The full size of the FRESH Vitamin Nectar Vitamin-Boosting Mask is £56 and if you want to purchase it, you can do so here.

This mask is definitely lovely to use, especially as part of a pampering sesh. The FRESH brand do some excellent face masks. It’s just a shame they’re so pricey, but I guess they use the highest quality ingredients and innovative formulas.

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