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To Kill A King and London Shopping

On 10th August, the band ‘To Kill A King’ held a gig in collaboration with Clash magazine at Metropolis Studios in London. Tickets were free so I thought “Why not”?

The gig was in the evening so I met my friend for lunch first and she showed me Old Spitalfields Market. It was so cute and quaint, with loads of stalls selling unique goods, as well as stores like Bobbi Brown and Jo Malone.

We went to the Deciem store. I already have The Ordinary Serum foundation and really love it, so I thought I would try the Coverage foundation in the shade 3.0 R (for red undertones). So far, I’ve only worn it once and really love this one too! I’ve already received compliments when wearing it, which is always nice.

I had some time before the gig and didn’t really know what to do with myself so I went to get my hair blow dried. It was a nice treat to myself.

I then popped into Urban Decay and finally got my hands on their Vice liquid lipstick in ‘1993’. I had been asking around after this shade for months and it was always out of stock, so I was very happy that they had it in store. So far, I am totally in love with the nude brown colour and the wear of this lipstick.

Before long it was time to head to Stamford Brook Station in Chiswick to see ‘To Kill A King’. Metropolis Studios was really cool. It was a little hard to find so I had to ask someone for directions. I later realised the person I had been talking to was a member of the band. I hadn’t recognised him and felt like such a doofus haha. Later, I actually bumped into the lead singer, Ralph, and said hello.
Our names were on a ‘guestlist’ and then we waited in the bar whilst the opening act ‘Misfires’ (from Swindon) prepared their set.

The gig was really intimate and I was really close to the stage at one point, which was exciting. There can’t have been more than 100 people there. Probably the smallest gig I’ve ever been to.

Misfires were excellent! I hadn’t heard their music before but, from what I did hear, they’re set for big things! Their songs were rocky, catchy and loads of fun. The perfect opener.

Then came ‘To Kill A King’. Now, I had heard some of their songs before, but not all of them and I’d never seen them live before. I had seen some of their Facebook Live performances though, so it was a little surreal seeing them in person but, boy, am I glad I did!

Ralph, TKAK

They were amazing! They played ‘Choices’ first, which is actually one of my favourite songs.
The sound quality was brilliant too. I think it was the best I’d ever heard at a gig.

One thing I really liked about the gig was that all the members seemed to be enjoying themselves. Ralph was smiling and joking and it was so nice to see.

Once it was over, I was absolutely shattered after a long day in London. I had to travel another 3 hours by coach to get home but it was definitely worth it.

Have you listened to ‘To Kill A King’?
Do you like them?

Thank you for reading!

The Killers at BST Hyde Park

I have been a fan of The Killers since I was a teenager and when I heard, back in January, that they were playing a UK show for the first time in years I was quick to snap up tickets.

The event took place on Saturday 8th July in Hyde Park, London. Luckily the sun was out and it was a lovely day to be there. Elbow, Tears for Fears and many other acts were performing as support acts.

On a side note, I really liked my makeup look. I drew a winged liner effect using a navy blue eyeshadow and a colourpop liquid lipstick. Look out for a colourpop haul I'm going to post soon. By the way, in the picture below, I had a filter on so I look way more orange than I actually am!

Elbow were so great. I hadn’t listened to a lot of their music before I saw them yesterday but I really enjoyed the show. Guy was amazing at entertaining the crowd and making sure we were all having fun. Their sound was rockier than I expected and he had 65,000 people singing along to ‘One Day Like This’.

Then came the main act, Las Vegas electro-pop rockers…The Killers! Everyone was so excited. Brandon Flowers just oozes ‘cool’. He even changed his jacket during the set to suit the mood of the song haha! He is, without a doubt, an amazing frontman and, I have to say, it was the best gig I’ve ever been to.
Photo credit to The Killers Facebook

Every single song was amazing. Some I had admittedly never heard before and some I hadn’t heard in years. Of course I knew, and sang along to, all the classics like Smile Like You Mean It and Mr Brightside.

The show ended with an actual fireworks display and I left feeling deeply impressed and thoroughly happy.

The Killers are going on a UK tour in November and I’m already tempted to book tickets! Watch this space.

Do you like The Killers? What’s your favourite song? If not, who are your favourite artists?

Thank you for reading! 

Cornwall Trip & More Bastille

It's only been a few weeks since I saw Bastille play Union Chapel in Islington for the Streets of London charity fundraiser, but I am a Stormer (huge fan) so naturally I had tickets to see them again at the Eden Project on June 15.

I travelled to Cornwall with my aunt and we made a little 'Girls Trip' out of it. We drove down on Thursday (and it is a long drive) and stayed in a lovely B&B. I went downt to the Eden Project in the evening, for the show, and managed to get really close to the barrier.

Rationale was the opening act and he was brilliant. He has a phenomenal voice and was good at getting the crowd warmed up for the main act.

Then came Bastille. Now, I'm a little biased but they were...there just aren't words for how good they were. Amazing! I had so much fun and even teared up a little when they played 'Pompeii' as their last song. 

Credit to @bastilledan twitter

Because I had an Eden Sessions wristband, entry to the Eden Project was free the next day. It is definitely worth checking out for the indoor rainforest, but it does get very humid in the biome. 

Me in the Mediterranean biome 

Later that Friday, my aunty & I went to see 'The Mummy' starring Tom Cruise. It was good but I didn't love it. Too many scary creatures for me. Then we went or a lovely meal at Prezzo. 

Saturday came and it was time to return home. The drive took 6 hours because we got a little lost and stuck in traffic.

Overall it was a lovely break and the highlight was definitely seeing Bastille perform. I had so much fun, in fact, that I've only gone and booked a ticket to see them next Tuesday. The obsession continues! :P 

Have you ever been to the Eden Project? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading! x