London Trip

Last Friday, I headed out to London for a girly day of shopping and sightseeing. Here’s how it went…

First, we had to go to Oxford Street. It’s the place for shopping.  Topshop Oxford St is great for a shopaholic like me, with 3 storeys dedicated to clothes and also including Wah! Nails and Hershesons hair salon, so you can get your hair, nails and outfit sorted in one place if you wanted. There’s a little corner in Topshop called the Beautymart, where they sell items that items that are quite unique (like Japanese mascara and my beloved DHC Oil) and hard to find elsewhere. 

Me, posing on Oxford Street.

You see a lot of things in London and one thing I saw was a girl struggling with what must have been at least 6 Jo Malone bags. Big ones too. Jealous is not the word! I’m guessing she was Christmas shopping but I’m still super jealous. I wonder what she’d bought.  

I met up with a uni friend at PAUL patisserie, which was lovely. I’ve never been before and I’m so glad she recommended it, because they had the best hot chocolate ever. I definitely recommend you check it out. Their baguettes were really good too.

Next we headed to Covent Garden, where I was hoping to pop into the Ferrero rocher pop-up store. I’d been dying to go ever since I’d seen it in Lily Pebbles’ vlog. It was described as a ‘multi-layered dining experience’ where the chef would come out and talk about each of the 5 mini dessert dishes. I would describe it as a deconstruction of the famous chocolate; with chocolate mousse and gold candy floss being served.  It looked uh-mazing, but unfortunately it had been fully booked and there was a TWO HOUR queue to get in. Don’t get me wrong, I like my chocolate but two hours?! I did get a free fererro rocher so I was happy. 

The famous red London phone boxes (in Covent Garden).

Covent Garden is also home to the flagship Charlotte Tilbury store but I didn’t dare enter for fear of being tempted by all the exquisite goodies waiting inside, especially as I’m broke. I wish I had gone in and had a look around though. Maybe next time.


I was actually quite good and didn’t buy anything (for myself, anyway) but I had a really good trip and I’m going back soon so there’s still time yet ;)

Thanks for reading guys.

What are your experiences of London? I’d love to know.


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