Year in Review: 2015

Well, it has been an eventful year, to say the least and since I’ve been AWOL from the blog in 2015, I thought I’d take a look back at my ‘highlights’ of the year.

I was lucky enough to win tickets to Beautycon London and meet Karissa Pukas. 
She is one of my favourite youtubers and one of the first videos that started my youtube addiction was hers, so that was really nice.  She was gorgeous and just so lovely in person. 

Oh, that reminds me..I got seriously addicted to Youtube and the world of beauty vids and tutuorials! 

During the Christmas holidays (back in 2014), when I should have been addicted to working on my dissertation, I was hooked on watching Lily Pebbles’ vlogs (#Vlogmas!) and equally enjoyed ViviAnnaDoesMakeup’s offerings. So imagine my disappointment when I found out about the Beauty Chat Live Tour too late. I was gutted but I pestered my local Space NK, and was told on the day that a ticket had become available (“eek!” is not even the word).

It was also the year of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. For me, this was another obsession and I am embarrassed to admit that it lead to a little Matte Revolution collection, which is very naughty as I am a student. I find it really inspiring how CT has built her brand and the Old Hollywood-esque packaging is ‘to die for’. 

Above all, it was also the year I found out how much the phrase “appreciate what you have” rings true. Although it can be hard to do at times, and I feel like I am still learning to do this, it’s so important to stop and be mindful of all the good things you have going on from time to time. I am especially thankful for those special people, friends and family that I have in my life.

Now, as Jay-Z would say “onto the next one!” ;) 

                                             Here's to a happy 2016!

(Psst..I’m pretending I'm not posting this in February. Just go with it!)


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