Fancy Nails #2: The Mani That Never Was

I want to talk about ‘Popsicle Purple’, a shade I picked up at H&M.

                                      It’s a colour I would never usually go for
 but I was feeling brave and decided to take a risk.
The reason there’s no pic this time is because I attempted to paint my own nails, something I don’t usually do, and for good reason. It drives me crazy!

Anyway, while I did manage to paint them, I decided pictures would not be blog-worthy.

The colour itself is a pastel purple. 

Initially, looking at the bottle, I thought the shade might be too light, but once I started applying ‘Popsicle Purple’ (which isn’t easy to say!), I was glad to find that it’s a nice shade, it’s not too light and even compliments my warm skin tone.

The brush, however, was a nuisance. I did not get on well with it at all, and ended up using the brush from one of my ‘Bourjois 1-seconde’ polishes (a personal fave).

In the end, I was happy with the result and would try H & M’s range again (and I promise to take actual pictures of the end result for the next ‘Fancy Nails’ post!).


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