Latest in Beauty: The Glamour Summer Beauty Edit

I’ve never ordered a ‘Latest in Beauty’ box (or any beauty box) before but when they’ve teamed up with Glamour magazine to provide a box with contents worth over £86 for only £16.95 (including p+p), what’s not to love, right? There are 9 products with an impressive 5 full size products. This box contains decent-sized samples, some of which are worth more than the box itself! 

I decided to purchase the beauty box mainly for the Toni & Guy Glamour Volume Plumping Whip, which I was thinking of buying anyway, and the Magnifibres product, which seemed intriguing, but the rest of the products looked good too.
The best thing about the ‘Latest in Beauty’ boxes is that you get to see what you’ll receive before you part with your hard-earned cash AND there’s no subscription involved. You order as and when you want. You have the option to choose from a collection or ‘build your own box’. 

Unfortunately I’ve left it so long to write this post that this particular box is no longer available, but you can buy most of the products individually from Boots or Superdrug.

So here’s a look at what goodies I received:

Tanning Products
The first products I’m going to talk about are actually my most disappointing (I wanted to get them out of the way). I only say disappointing because I have no use for them. It’s not a reflection on the effectiveness of the products themselves, if that makes sense. 

Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance Sun Lotion SPF30
Product size: 100 ml, RRP: £5.99

This sun lotion has a lovely coconut-y smell to it and sinks into the skin quickly without any greasiness. It does have quite a shiny finish which I think would look nice on legs or arms. In the summer I wore a lot of long tops and jeans so I didn’t need to put this on my body and I don’t know if it’s suitable to use on the face. I haven’t tried it on my face so far because I’m scared of it causing me to break out. I would recommend this to someone who will be out in the sun, but since it seems summer is more or less over in the UK, maybe this would be one to pack for a holiday. 

Velvotan The Original Tanning Mitt
Product size: Full size, RRP: £2.99

This tanning mitt has been patented and has a special applicator surface, which promises to leave a streak-free tan and not stain hands. I haven’t actually used this since I don’t self-tan but it does look like something that would be useful for those who do. It would work well with the Rimmel tanning product. 

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB Skin Perfector in Medium
Product size: 125 ml, RRP: £6.99

Since this product is Rimmel, I assumed it was for the face like a BB cream but I’m really confused because I think it’s actually more of a self-tan for the body. It is supposed to give a matte, natural finish and claims to provide 9-in-1 results:
1.       Softens
2.        Smoothes
3.       Moisturises
4.       Gives an instant tan
5.       Creates a healthy-looking glow
6.       Evens skin tone
7.       Covers
8.       Perfects
9.       Lasts up to 24 hours
Phew! That’s quite a lot of promises. I can’t say whether this product lives up to its promises because I haven’t tried it yet.
This is another product that I’m not sure whether I can use on my face (I’m clueless when it comes to tanning). I’m a bit scared of using it in case it goes horribly wrong but I might give this a go since it’s a wash-off product.  


Bourjois Cream Blush in 02 Healthy Glow
Product size: Full size, RRP: £7.99

The peachy, coral colour of this blush isn’t one I’d normally choose myself but I’m so glad I received it as it’s become one of my favourite products in this edit and I must have used it every single time I’ve applied make up. This blush goes from cream to powder and the shade ‘Healthy Glow’ does exactly that- gives a healthy glow! I even tried going over the top with this blush and layering it on and it still looked good (although I’m sure there is a limit!). I can imagine this looking good on most skin tones. 

Here's a swatch of the blusher. Trust me, it doesn't look as scary when you apply it!

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Buff
Product size: Full size, RRP: £18.50

I was very impressed with this lipstick. It was actually an exclusive to the Latest in Beauty box. The packaging is elegant and feels very good quality. The lipstick itself was very creamy and easy to apply, however it’s a shame the shade I was sent (‘Buff’) was too light for my skin tone. It looked quite grey on my lips. I tried it and my sister said I looked like a zombie (her words) so I’m going to have to find a better home for it, as much as it pains me to do so. I am interested in trying some of the other shades in the Glamore range though. 

Without flash
With flash

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquer in Petal Pink
Product size: Full size, RRP: £6.00

This formulation is supposed to be non-toxic and fast-drying. The pink is very sheer in colour. It’s more of a milky pink shade which is perfect when doing French manicures. 

Magnifibres Brush-on False Lashes
Product size: Full size, RRP: £21

I would definitely recommend this product. I’m not sure what to call it because it not technically a mascara. I was a bit sceptical of the ‘Brush-on False Lashes’ claim but you do actually get very dramatic results with this.

It has fibres which volumises and lengthens the lashes and I noticed a considerable difference after applying just one coat of this (with 2 coats of mascara). It felt a bit funny having the fibres on my eyelashes but you get used to that. There was a bit of clumpiness the first time I tried this but I think that was only because I applied too much mascara. 

It’s perfect for someone like me who doesn’t get along with false lashes. I find them too fiddly and can never get them to stick! Then there’s the added worry that they’ll drop off half way through the night but you don’t have to worry about that with Magnifibres.

I wouldn’t really wear this on a daily basis (although it is tempting to). I think I’ll save it for special occasions. 

If you buy this from the official website, it’s £21 but you can find it cheaper on other websites, such as 


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Product size: 30ml, RRP: £4.50

Sorry this picture isn't very good. The actual colour of the oil is more yellow. And don't worry, it didn't arrive half empty! This picture was taken after I'd been using the cleansing oil for a couple of weeks.

This has got to be my favourite product from the edit and possibly the best cleanser I have ever tried. I have been using it (almost) religiously since I received it. It has a cult status for removing makeup and although it is good at removing makeup, I prefer to use face wipes to take off make up before washing my face. 

The way this works is you rub a few drops onto a DRY face and then gently massage it in for 30 seconds before washing with water. The water emulsifies the oil so that it becomes a milky, white solution. 

It contains antioxidant-rich olive oil. I am a big fan of olive oil and its amazing benefits for skin. It does smell faintly of olive oil but it doesn’t feel like you’re smearing salad dressing on your face (hehe). It’s quite the opposite. It doesn’t leave your skin greasy at all and I had no breakouts as a result of this oil.   

This little bottle has lasted me an entire month and it’s starting to run out and I am genuinely worried about what I’m going to do when it does. I’ll definitely be purchasing the full size version of this.


Toni & Guy Glamour Volume Plumping Whip
Product size: 90 ml, RRP: £7.99

It’s the main reason I purchased the ‘Glamour Summer Beauty Edit’ box and it didn’t disappoint. (See what they did with the name?) This might actually be a full sized sample but I’m not entirely sure.

The texture is a bit funny. It’s in between a mousse and liquid and definitely has that ‘whipped’ feel. The smell is very luxurious. I’m not sure how else to describe it. To apply, you towel dry your hair and then add a walnut-sized amount through the roots and it’s recommended that you blow dry your hair with a barrel brush. This didn’t give me crazy volume but there was a noticeable lift at the roots. I didn’t use a barrel brush so maybe if I had blow-dried my hair properly it might have given more volume.

I have to say I was very pleased with this ‘Latest in Beauty’ box and I’m looking forward to trying their new ‘Glamour Beauty Power List’ box.

Also, I know I’ve rambled on quite a bit so thanks for reading *big smiley face*.

             Have you tried this beauty box? What did you think of it?


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