Summer Lovin' Tag

Ever since I saw Fleur De Force’s video on things she’s been lovin’ this summer, I’ve been dying to do my own version so here it is...

1. Summer lipstick I’m loving
I’m going to cheat with this one, since I don’t have a favourite summer lipstick, but I have been loving layering Tanya Burr’s Chic lip gloss (link here) over Clinique's Chubby Stick in 08 Graped Up (link). The reason I put on the chubby stick first is because Chic is too light for me if I apply it on its own. 

2. Summer nail polish I’m loving
I think I’ve only worn nail polish once this summer and it was for Eid. You can see what my nails looked like in my last post here. I do, however, love bright colours for nails in summer like bright oranges and pinks, as I’m sure many people do.

3. Bikini I’m loving this summer
This one’s easy to answer...I don’t wear bikinis. And even if I did, I haven’t been abroad this summer so the opportunity hasn’t presented itself.

4. Favourite summer Frappuccino from Starbucks
I’m going to cheat again. Although I love my mocha frappuccinos from Starbucks, my favourite summer drink is actually the Strawberry and Vanilla Frappe Creme from Caffe Nero. Nothing says summer more than strawberries and cream!

5. Favourite fake tan
I’ve got brown skin (you could say I was born with a tan!) so I don’t find the need to tan, although the idea of glowing skin is appealing.

6. Favourite summer song
There’s a theme developing in my favourite summer songs, although it was unintentional. They’re both sung by Adam Levine. 

I wasn’t sure about Maps by Maroon 5 the first time I heard it (maybe because the video was quite gruesome) but it’s such a catchy tune that I’ve been playing it on repeat ever since. It's the kind of song I can imagine playing on loud if I was driving a convertible in California (a girl can dream).

I didn’t realise Adam Levine recorded songs for the movie Begin Again until I heard Lost Stars. It’s such a feel good track and I like to listen to it before I go to bed at night for some reason. Keira Knightley also does a really good version of this song and it has made me want to go and see the film.  

7. Favourite summer accessory
My favourite summer accessory would have to be this cute little lemon yellow bag I bought from Accessorize. It’s a decent size so is perfect to carry essentials (phone, purse, lip gloss, etc.) and it goes really nicely with summer dresses. I like wearing it with clashing colours too. I believe it was £25 and I got student discount on it too. I can’t remember if it was 10% or 20% off with student discount but I think I paid £22.50. Unfortunately, I can’t find the link for the bag on the Accessorize website so I’m not sure if they still stock it. 

8. Favourite summer fragrance/perfume
I noticed this fragrance when I visited Victoria’s Secret’s flagship store in London in April and loved it. I didn’t buy it there and then but I kept thinking about it and ended up going back to the store the following day to purchase it. It’s the limited edition ‘Sexy Escape Paradise’ scent and it’s gorgeous! It has a very citrusy scent and, to me, it’s what summer would smell like if someone captured it and put it in a bottle. It was quite pricey at £30 (I got a bit of a shock at the check out) but you do get a whopping 300ml. It is a fragrance mist so it doesn’t last as long as regular perfumes. Again, I can’t find the link for this (sorry guys!) but there are other scents available in the ‘Sexy Escape’ range, which can be found here.   


9. Summer book I’m loving
I love reading, especially fiction, but, since I have exams at the end of August/early September, I’ve had absolutely no time to read for leisure. If I did have time though, I would definitely be reading a book by either Khaled Hosseini or Carlos Ruiz Zafon. They are both authors with a wonderful, unique way of storytelling and I’ve read their books over and over again and get lost in them every time.

10. What are you most excited to do this summer
As I mentioned, I have exams coming up and they’ve kind of taken over my life so I’m looking forward to getting them out of the way and (hopefully) progressing onto final year of university. It’s not something I’m ‘excited’ to do but the thought that I could potentially be graduating this time next year insha’Allah (God willing) is very exciting!


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